Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thankful for Everyday ~ April 3, 2014

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One of my favorite blogs of all time has to be 'Lord, Make Me a Saint.' It was one of the first blogs that I began reading way back when I began our home school journey almost 7 years ago. I love the "realness" of Jamie Jo's blog. I especially enjoy her thankful posts. She began a link-up a few weeks back, so that everyone can show what they are thankful for. I have been meaning to join in, but never got to it made it a priority. I have so much to be thankful for. I am going to attempt a thankful post and link up with Jamie Jo.

I love this little poster, it really says it all.

 Thankful for my little guys who just don't want to grow up. Doesn't his face just say, "This crib is still mine! I will just ignore the girlie baby blanket behind me."

 Thankful for a daughter who is always willing to bake something and entertain her baby brother at the same time.

 Thankful for cool coloring books that were found during a clean-up of the basement a few weeks ago. This one is really fun because the pictures end up looking like stained glass. So thankful that I didn't donate it with some of the other stuff I found. 

 Thankful for our new window that actually keeps the ice and cold on the outside unlike it's predecessor that let both the ice and cold in. 

 Thankful for cheap entertainment, a.k.a. the free Lego club magazine that all of the boys actually took turns looking at. Thankful for clowns little boys who love to clown around in photos.

 Thankful for cuddly toddlers outfits. He is so snuggly in this outfit. Thankful that this outfit has been around for 3 of my four boys. He didn't want to pose for this photo, but I am thankful that he let his brother snap the picture anyway.

 Thankful for curious toddlers.

 Thankful no one got beat up in this picture. I think he was thankful that his brother set the magazine down to go to the bathroom.

 Thankful for Waldo books. I think I have mentioned this before. This little guy is getting really good at finding Waldo. I love all of the funny faces that he makes and I am thankful for the funny antics. He can make me laugh. Toddlers are so much fun to watch, aren't they?

 Thankful for a yummy batch of grain-free mini donuts baked by Mia. Luckily they didn't eat too many before our friends came to visit. I am also thankful for visits with friends. It is so refreshing to have tea while the kids play and have fun.

 Thankful that I found a few outfits and a few dozen dresses in a box in the basement for our little girl. I haven't seen some of these outfits for nearly 12 years. I am so thankful that we are having a girl and that I didn't give away every piece of girl clothing we own (I gave away most of it). I love boys, but I am so glad that Mia will have a sister. I always wanted a sister and I never got one. So I am doubly thankful to be soon a mommy to two girlies.

 Thankful for pillows. I love pillows. This one is one of my favorites. It is on the master bed and gets pounced upon by one of the littles almost every day. This pillow reminds me of the tickle fights and cuddles that I am so thankful for. Boys just love to be tickled.

 Thankful for the 'Word of God'. This is my copy of the bible. I love my bible. I am thankful for all of the words of wisdom and comfort. I am thankful for my bible highlighter, too. It helps me to highlight what is truly important. 

 I am thankful that I didn't totally kill this miniature rose plant. We bought it on a very cold day. The temperatures were way below zero that day. I should have known that the frost would bite it. This plant lost its blooms and all of its leaves. I am thankful that we have grow-lights and I was able to nurse it back to health. 

 Thankful for audio books from the library. This is a really good read. -lol- I know that I am not reading it for real, but I love being read to just like a child. I am so thankful that my kids introduced me to this book. I am thankful for the discussions and good times spent together listening to it.

 Thankful for melting icicles. These are from the neighbors house. Hubby knocked ours down. Apparently they were so long that they nearly touched the top of the door. Thankful that hubby took care of de-icing the front stoop and for the removal of the killer icicles.

 Thankful that I am not the only quilt crazy person in the house. Thankful that my boys love to sew and play with fabric, too. Thankful that it kept him busy while supper was being prepped.

Thankful for my sweat-shop. That is the nickname of my sewing room. It is too small to be a real bedroom and there are sliding doors to the backyard in this room. It gets so terribly hot in here in the summer because of the sun, so it is now my sewing room. Thankful for this space to craft with the kids and listen to audio books.

Thankful that the weather is about to change. Tomorrow the weather is going to spring like! 

Happy Spring! 
Thankful that you stopped by. 
God Bless, my friends.


  1. Spring like? We might just need to move to Canada to get warmer weather!!

    (I don't think my husband would fall for it)

    Thank you so much for all you said in the first paragraph, you are so nice to me!!
    You are such a sweet heart!

    Your bible cover is totally "Tina Marie" that is for sure, it's beautiful.
    Love how your kiddos quilt, even the boys!! You are teaching them such amazing skills!
    And your daughter, cooking and watching the baby, wow...makes a person really thankful for big families, homeschooling and just all of it, doesn't it?

    Love seeing the boys around the Lego magazine!! That's an awesome picture! My girls also love it when the Lego magazine comes!

    Your pillow is beautiful!
    Love your new window!

    Love the picture of you and that sweet baby...he's still the baby now...the out-baby!!

    Thanks for linking up, I loved all these thankful's!!

  2. Wow! You must be ready for spring more than I am! icicles to the door? Yikes!! I wish you lived closer so you could teach me to quilt!


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