Tuesday, April 1, 2014

30 Things in 30 Days #make30

#make30 Challenge
Sometimes I need motivation to get things done. I can spend way too much time googly-eyeing Pinterest boards and longing to have a really cool home full of handmades and DIY projects. This is absolutely stupid! I know this, but I do it anyhow.

On the weekend, I was looking for some home school inspiration. I needed some ideas to spice up our homeschooling. By this time in the year, we all need a few fun projects to make it through the rest of the snowy season. It is April, but we still have snow in the forecast for today and tomorrow. I stumbled upon Lisa's blog. I am not exactly sure how I got there, but after reading a number of articles on homeschooling (Lisa is a crafty homeschool mom, like me) I decided to click on her home page. It brought me to her article on 30 Things in 30 Days blog post. I chuckled while reading this particular blog post. I can relate to everything that she said. I have a crafty space that I love to sit in and dream. During nap-time, when all of the bigger kids are busy with their afternoon activities, I go in my crafty room with the intention of making something. By the time nap-time is over, I may or may not have a project that I want to make. If I do, I am upset that nap-time is over and it will have to wait until the next nap-time. By then, I don't want to make that project anymore, so I don't make anything and feel like a loser for wasting my time.

So, today I am going to take action and make a list. I have a million ideas of things to make already buzzing in my little head. I even took a look at Pinterest this morning for some inspiration. I probably won't start and finish a project each day, but the point of this exercise is to make some things and not get stuck in a rut. I have some UFO's (unfinished-fabric-obects) that I plan on finally completing, too. It is win-win for me.

I encourage you to join us over at CHAOSAPPRECIATION.COM/BLOG/MAKE30. There are several ways to share. You can share your creations on twitter, facebook, google+ and of course there will be a link-up on the blog.

My contribution today will my master list of ideas and a skein of yarn that took, me about 30 days to spin. Remind me to never again spin 50/50 angora&mohair fiber. I nearly had a breakdown. I am a novice spinner and this fiber felted in my hands, as my hands warmed up. I didn't even bother to spin the whole 100g that I bought. I ended up with a 73g 2ply skein of yarn that is about a DK weight. I suppose it will be enough to make a little Milo Vest or Puerperium Cardigan with.

Make 30 in 30 Days Idea List
  • crochet the border on our baby's Christening blanket
  • finish sewing the binding on Noah's I-spy quilt
  • sew in all of the ends of the Georgie Vest
  • quilt and bind Adam's I-spy quilt
  • finish quilting and then bind hubby's quilt
  • make one of these dresses for a friend's new baby girl
  • finish baby balloon pants
  • make scapulars for everyone
  • make rosary pouches for each of my kids
  • make a cover for my bible
  • make a quilted cover for my baby's journal
  • make a peeking baby bag for Adam's 2nd birthday
  • make myself a purse using this tutorial or this one
  • make some headbands for Mia and I
  • make lapbooks with Owen
  • do a closet makeover in the nursery
  • make size tags like these found on pinterest
  • finish my epp hand-quilted pillow case
  • finish my small quilt challenge quilts that I have started
  • add ties and binding to my almost finished sewing machine cover
  • make some baby booties
  • make Easter decorations
  • make some earings for Easter
  • sew ties or bowties for the boys for Easter
  • make bath and body scrub
  • homemade toothpaste? 
  • make some new baby wash clothes
  • make a swaddle blanket or two
  • make a clothespin holder
  • sew an apron
  • sew some blocks for Oma's birthday quilt
  • try a new recipe
  • try new hairstyles on Mia
  • spin some fiber
  • make a rosary bracelet
  • make kerchiefs for the baby
  • make something using a glue gun
This list is too long, for sure. It is just a list of ideas. Some of these projects are quick and easily finished in a nap-time and others may not even come close to finishing. Some of the projects are ones that I already have patterns for (clothespin holder, swaddling blanket, reversible baby dress) and others are still ideas in my head. I won't do it all and I won't stress about it either. This month will help me focus on finishing and accomplishing some creative goals. I am glad that you have stopped by. Feel free to use my list for your own ideas. I know that I will be browsing others' projects. I am excited to start. Click on the picture above to go to Lisa's blog to sign up or to get ideas. Let's be creative together.

Sew long friends,
Holly Hobbie Sewing a Quilt :)


  1. Thanks for linking up! I can't wait to see what you get done. I still haven't made anything today, unless you count making my kids cry. Seems copywork is evil of the worst kind. I was requested to please make the Ken dolls some pants. @TheTadey

  2. Beautiful yarn! Sorry it wasn't that much fun to spin, but it turned out so well!

  3. Oh wow! I can't wait to see all you do! And that yarn is divine!


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