Saturday, March 29, 2014

Waiting For Spring...

Although spring is technically here, we are still experiencing winter with all of its wonders. Just when the snow began to really melt and bits of grass were peeping through here and there, old man winter made his return. With temperatures dipping down to the -20'sC and up to near freezing and yo-yo-ing back and forth for the month of March and the sheet of ice below all of the snow, playing outside has been near impossible. We are cooped up and getting cabin fever. I long for warmer days when I can send the kids outside to play. I long for warmer days and sunshine. In all of this, we are making the best of our situation.

Our tomato plants are nearly 4 inches tall and for the first time, we got lavender seeds to germinate. We have about 20 cone flower seedlings and some lemon balm, too. Mia planted the pepper seeds and several variety of flower seeds on the weekend for her Mary Garden. We are hoping that at least some of them sprout. It is the closest we can get to gardening right now. Our backyard looked like this until the last snow storm hit.

The boys have been keeping busy after school with lots of indoor play. I just love watching my little boys play. I am in awe at all of the noises they make. I once had a good chuckle with our optometrist (who has three boys) about the fact that they make noises all of the time. If you have boys, you will notice this. It is not something that they learn, it is in their genes. And have you ever noticed, that boys can make weapons out of any inanimate object? Even if they don't admit it, they too like playing with Barbie dolls.

Other than playing, the kids have had their noses in the books. Waldo books in particular. It is so fun to look at Waldo books.Finding Waldo can be extremely frustrating at times. Especially when the littles find him and mommy hasn't found him yet. I am glad that we have a number of the books from the library, otherwise there are brawls over who gets to hold the book. Waldo has also proved to be a very good 'good-night' book. 

 When the weather is really awful, we tend to put on some fresh pj's and declare a 'pj day'. There is something fun and liberating about declaring a 'pj day'. It is one of my favourite things about being a homeschool family. When outside activities are not on the agenda, a pj day is in order at our house. Adam loves pj days and lounging in other peoples' beds. 

We will continue to wait for spring. As the snow continues to fall, we are keeping cozy indoors. It is time for a coffee and some homemade Mia-made brownies. We hope that spring will come soon and will choose to stay. Is is snowing where you are? Do you have spring flowers popping up through the ground? 

Have a great day friends.
Sweet fawn with birds and flowers .... illustration

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