Tuesday, March 18, 2014

National Quilting Day 2014

I belong to the Small Quilts Yahoo Group. In one of the daily feeds last week, I learned that this past Saturday was National Quilting Day. In lieu of this, I spent part of the afternoon with my darling son in the sewing room making a quilt for our new baby. He has been bugging me for weeks to make something for the baby. You see, although he is a rough and tumble boy, he thoroughly enjoys sewing. He loves art and creating things with his hands. He always has. His love language also happens to be Acts of Service. As birthdays and Christmas approach, this little man is dreaming up all of the things that he can do and make for everyone he knows.

We had a great time together. He chose the pattern from my birthday gift from Oma, the fabrics from my stash and did all of the piecing himself. I think he fell in love with my 1/4" foot. It made both our lives so much easier. We only had to rip out one seam!

It was a quilt little quilt that only two afternoons of piecing and quilting and 4 rosaries worth of binding. I love praying my rosary while sewing, knitting or crocheting. It is as if I am praying my love right into the quilt. We are so happy with how it turned out. We refer to it as the baby's kitty quilt. Our kitty begs to differ. I think he thinks that it is his. 

I just love his smile! This proud mama is working really hard at teaching all of the kids how to quilt or at the very minimum, how to sew a straight line. There are more and more men who quilt. You just need to look around on the web.  I am sure that we will look back on 2014's National Quilt Day with fondness.

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