Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Morning in Mary's Garden

It is that time of the year again... gardening time. Well, not really. It is -19C outside at the moment. That is pretty darn cold, even if we DO live in Canada. Normal temps for this time of year hover just above 0C (or in the 30's for all of my American readers).

I am planning a whole series of Monday Morning in Mary's Garden posts as a continuation of last years' posts. It is all planned out and we will officially be kicking off the season next Monday with the crocus.

My sweet daughter is studying plants this year, so the posts will be part of her research project on Mary Garden plants. We are planning on relocating her Mary Garden this coming spring as soon as the snow melts and the we can break ground. I hope that this is the last move of the Mary Garden. It has been in two different locations over the past two summers. The following photo is from last year's location.
Last week, I saw this photo making it's rounds on Facebook. I love it! I only wish I could do this, but I am afraid that I would wimp out after five minutes.

We did begin our first indoor gardening, though. I nearly killed two plants and they are in my plant hospital, atop a dresser in our utility room under grow lights. There is new growth and I hope that they are fully recovered by the time I need to get my tomato seedlings started. I am great at gardening outdoors, but house plants suffer from my neglect every time I break down and by a few new ones. I am notorious at not watering them. Oops.

Maria started gardening indoors as well. She started some violas. I didn't know that they needed complete darkness to germinate, did you? We usually just buy violas at the store sometime after Mother's Day, but we are going to try to grow them from seed this year. The variety that I ordered can be eaten. I am not sure if I would eat them or if it is safe to do while pregnant, but violas are typical Mary Garden flowers. The viola is also known as the trinity flower or Our Lady's Delight.

So don't forget to check back next week for our first official Mary's Garden post of the 2014 season.

God Bless friends. Thanks for stopping by.
Sweet fawn with birds and flowers .... illustration

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