Thursday, September 26, 2013

Yarn Along ~ September 25

I haven't participated in a Yarn Along for a really, really long time. The truth is that I prefer to quilt or sew and leave the knitting and the crocheting in a bag or basket for months on end. I recently finished a Milo vest for my 8 year old, but have yet to get a picture of it. It wouldn't have taken me that long to finish it, but I got bored of it. I know that is lame, but it is the truth. Now I don't even have a photo to share. Oops.

I shared on Monday that I was in the process of using the wool I dyed to make an infinity scarf. I actually finished it in under a week. The pattern is easy as pie and I believe that anyone can do it. I am not a crocheter, but have a basic knowledge of it and I churned out this thing in a few sittings. I was planning on making it for me, but as chance would have it, it looks better on my daughter. That always happens when I make things for me. I almost always give the finished products away. I used this little YouTube video to make it.

I obviously used a different yarn and I had to resort to using a smaller hook because I didn't have the one she used in the video. I might actually have to get a bigger hook and try to make one for myself.  I left notes on my ravelry page.

I can believe how fashionable my sweetie looks when wearing this scarf. It was finished just in time for our brisk autumn weather. Hubby is already predicting that the first snow will fly real soon. I sure hope he is wrong. I still have mittens to buy knit. 

Right now I am reading a few different books beginning with Trim Healthy Mama. I bought this ebook on a whim. I am not that I mentioned that I joined a mom's group at our parish late last winter. At the time, I met a bunch of wonderful ladies, but didn't really get to know them all that well until more recently. Anyway, I ran into this one mom that I hadn't seen all summer, a few weeks ago at a baptism of a mutual friend. Oh my goodness, she looked so different than before the summer. I walked right up to her and told her that she looked amazing and that I want to look fabulous, too. There wasn't time to talk that day, but mom's group started up again and I finally got a chance to chat about her transformation afterwards. Her story inspired me so much that I spent most of the afternoon researching and facebook chatting with her. To make a long story short, I bought the ebook and could hardly put it down. It makes so much sense to me. I have to keep reading it before I can tell you more about it. If you want to read a great review, you can find one here: 
 That's all for this week's Yarn Along. Don't forget to stop by Ginny's blog and see what else everyone has been up to.

God Bless Friends.
Holly Hobbie - friends

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