Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Two Birthdays in Two Weeks

Summer is heavy on the birthdays. We have two kiddos that share a birthday in July and two kiddo with birthdays exactly one week apart. We refer to them as birthday buddies. Sascha and Patricks' birthdays are both in February, exactly two weeks apart. I am the only one without a birthday buddy. One of our miscarried babies would have been my birthday buddy. Can I claim Jesus as my birthday buddy? His birthday is three days before mine!

Our little man is 1. 

We had a quiet day. We spend the entire day before at Heritage Park and were so tuckered that we just lounged around. That was fine with everyone. We went to Mass and then played the day away. We had a nice visit from Adam's godfather. He and his wife are very welcome by our children. We don't have any family near us, so we have adopted him as "uncle Steevie". He plays with the kids and even took the pogo stick for a try. One of the kids had his assistance to slam dunk a few balls into the basketball net. Everyone needs an uncle like him. I had a few when I was growing up.

In this house, we keep birthdays simple. Neither hubby or I had birthday parties with all of the fanfare or pomp and circumstance. A cake, a few gifts, maybe a day out or a special movie and that's it. I don't feel bad. Our oldest usually gets a sore tummy if there is too much fanfare. The others don't sleep well and it takes a few days to recover. So you won't see themed birthday parties here. A good old fashioned cake, some ice cream and maybe the odd balloon. It's the way it was always done in our family and I am a little old fashioned and carry on the tradition.

However, I must tell you about one funny thing that happened. In the past, I always trained the kids how to blow out their first birthday candle during the days and weeks leading up to their first birthday. I was never successful. None of them knew what to do with the candle no matter how many times they blew one out before their birthday. We even forgot to light Adam's birthday candle on his birthday. We were celebrating in the back yard and just cut into the cake and dished out the ice cream and then sang the good ole Happy Birthday song. We forgot the candle. There was leftover cake, however and we snapped a shot the next day. We lit the candle and our 1 year old never blew out his candle. What a surprise! We never really expected him to, but he did manage to extinguish the flame with his bare hand. We weren't quick enough. He luckily didn't burn himself. Maybe next time we won't practice (if there is a next time).

She is 11.

Our only girl turned 11 this past Sunday. It ended up being a busy day. We packed a picnic and headed to Mass. After Mass we drove straight to Heritage Park. We spent the better part of Sunday there, but it was so packed that we could hardly enjoy it. Twice we lined up for a boat ride and twice we were sent away. At that point, we decided to head home and put up the kiddie pool to cool off. It was so hot. The kids had a great time in kiddie pool. It may be the last time for this season. It has cooled off here and it isn't expected to warm up high enough to set it up again. I just looked at the forecast and they have frost warning in effect for Southern Alberta tonight.

Uncle Steevie stopped by with his sweet wife again. This time he brought his Model A with him. The kids really got a kick out of sitting in the 'old beast', as our neighbor calls it. Maria got to go for a little ride in it for a treat. We made the same cake as Adam's because chocolate cake just happens to be her favourite. Noah picked her some flowers from the garden and she received two dolls as gifts. We bought her a thrifted doll that she fell in love with on one visit to the thrift store. We told her that we just couldn't buy it that day, but Sascha bought it when she wasn't looking and then Uncle Steevie and his wife picked up the exact same doll at the exact same thrift store. Maria wasn't disappointed, she was thrilled. I love that she is such a sweet and simple person.

I am birthday-ed out. As lovely and special as birthdays are, I am happy when they are over. My kids count the days and plan what meals that should be made. The anticipation is HUGE. Afterwards everyone is tired and content. I can hardly believe that another year has passed. My kiddos are growing up far too quickly. I need to go and run and hug them all a little because God knows that they are not going to be little for long.

God bless friends.
Holly Hobbie - friends


  1. Happy birthdays! We also had two birthdays close together, one today, and one on Friday.

    1. How do you celebrate birthdays? Do you ever do the two together? Happy Birthdays to your kiddos, too.

    2. No, we don't do them together. We normally let the birthday child pick the main meal for lunch and a cake for afternoon tea. In the afternoon we light the birthday candles plus a "life light" (Lebenslicht), but only for the children 12 and under. The older ones only get a "life light." Then we sing a German and an English birthday song, lift the birthday child three times into the air, and open presents. There are always fresh flowers on the table. Afterwards we eat the cake. In the evening, I get out the old baby pictures to look at with everybody. That's it. During the following week we write thank-you cards for the gifts received. If there is time, we try to light a candle in church for the birthday child on his or her birthday.


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