Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to School Photoshoot

Tommorow is our first day of school. Oh boy, I hope and pray that it goes well. There are lots of plans made, books and supplies purchased and a few grey hairs to boot. The last few years were rocky and I am really looking forward to a better year this year. What can go wrong, really? I just have a preschooler and a baby that love to tear the house apart the second that I am not looking. Oh and not to mention, chase the cat or break their siblings stuff. No sweat! I got this. At least I have hope to receive the grace I need to get through this year.

We are starting with a new school board and facilitator and throwing our old ways to the wind. I am actually learning to get over my Type A personality and getting better at not sweating the little things. It is really, really hard, but the benefits are endless. I have learned that different kids can have totally different learning styles and that curriculum that worked amazingly well for one child is the next child's nightmare. I have learned to pick my battles and to stick to my guns when I need to, theoretically. I second guess myself all of the time. I try to fake it until I make it. What is the worst that can happen really? My kids know that I love them and that I am NOT perfect and that I try to always do what is right. I am only human and therefore I need to have more faith in God that he will aid me where I am weak and strengthen me in my abilities, my knowledge and help me learn from my experience.

This year, I actually have back to school photos. We took them after Mass today. I really wanted to get a group shot, but Patrick got stung by a bee while everyone was arranging themselves. The shot wasn't that important anymore. Poor kid got stung three times by a big ole bumble bee. I am just thanking God that he isn't allergic.

This year I actually let hubby take pictures of me. That is an enormous accomplishment on my part. I hate having my picture taken. I have a horrible relationship with myself. I have huge body image issues (pardon the pun). I debated on whether or not to share the pictures because I am still not at my goal weight. I feel uncomfortable in my skin. I see other mom's shedding the weight easily after having babies and I am still forty pounds more than I was before babies. I was always the skinny kid and that all changed after having babies. I tried to have fun with hubby and let him take really quirky pictures of me. I really am a funny person and love to clown around. I hope you can all have a chuckle with me. God Bless friends and cheers to a new school year.


  1. Great pictures, also the ones of you! I know all about the weight issue! I never had any problems losing weight after my pregnancies except my last one. I was already 40 then and that made all the difference. It is much harder to lose the weight when you are older. It's not just the food, but it's also hormones. But just look at all the baroque paintings. Those women are not skinny and were the beauties of their times. Maybe our obsession with being super thin is just part of our time and age.

  2. Tina Marie!! You look wonderful!! I get you on that losing weight thing, I was always skinny growing up and now...accumulated baby weight. Some Day we will be skinny ol' ladies, when we are finished with having babies!! Right? You look super though, really, you do! (I have 65 to lose)

    Love these photos, it shows each personality! How do you do these collage things, I've seen them on other bloggies too?

    Hope your first day was good!

    I am hoping I have a better attitude this year too...

    1. Thank Jamie Jo! The funny thing is that I felt like I was looking pretty good until I looked at the photos. Photos have a way of adding on extra weight, don't they?

      To be honest, I don't really want to be skinny. I really just want to be firm in the right places and be healthy in case God has any more babies planned for us. With all of these boys, I need to be fit and firm. They challenge me to arm wrestling and like to run and rough-house. Hubby just brought home weights and a bench that he scored on free cycle. The sky is the limit.

  3. These are great! You look great!!! I have 20 pounds to go till my ultimate goal and haven't lost a pound since March. Not sure what to do about it. Bah Humbug. I better getting cracking though before the holidays!

  4. Tina I love ALL the photos!!! They are ALL beautiful!!! I'm totally going to copy the photo-collage for our back-to-school pics because they are much more fun than typical head-shots :)


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