Monday, June 10, 2013

Where Did May Go?

Life is going by far too quickly. We were sick all of April and spent most of May playing catch up. We have been so busy enjoying life, that I have really stopped to blog about it.

I mentioned a while back that we were re-re-doing the master bedroom. We had moved into the basement to make more room for the boys upstairs, but after less than a year, we decided that it wasn't working. Patrick began potty training and it was getting to be a pain to run upstairs with him every time that he needed to go to the bathroom. In the time that the boys had the master as their bedroom, they hung things on walls, plastered them with grungy fingerprints etc., that we decided to freshen the whole room up a bit. I love how it turned out. It didn't cost much either. Most of the materials were purchased using gift cards that we collected from our banks rewards system. This reno was started while were sick and I never got around to sharing the finished job.

In May, we also went thrifting and I found this guy, a.k.a Tom Kitten for $3.99. This is quite the steal. I found it online here selling for $90.00.

Do you see him on my kitchen shelves? He looks so friendly there among our glasses and pyrex dishes.

We also went to the Festival of Quilts at Heritage Park. Our family loves Heritage Park. The Quilt Festival was amazing, but the weather wasn't so great. It rained off and on all weekend. That didn't stop us from taking a look. So much to be inspired by. The kids and daddy did the rides and spent lots of time in Gasoline Alley so that I could look at quilts and shop for fabric. Patrick rode on his first ever Ferris Wheel.

Adam slept and hung out in the stroller for most of the visit. Which was great! I don't mind carrying him in the Ergo, but even then he is quite heavy. I think one of the highlights for the boys, especially Noah was the chance to crank a real Model T Ford. Noah had just written a research report on the Model T, so this was a great extension to what was learned.

The highlight of the day was scoring some new material. I had only planned to spend about $50, but then Sascha came along and bought this retro fan a really neat retro wall hanging kit, which put me over budget. Love you, dear.

Obviously these were chosen by my guys. Daddy is the Elvis fan and Owen loves Nutcrackers, which are all over the Fat Quarter on the left.
1930's reproduction fabrics. LOVE these.
My gift from Sascha and the pink is a gift from the vender as a thank you.
The month of May also saw a few finished projects. I made a carry along first aid kit. I used this pattern and love how it turned out. I just wish that it was a little bigger. 

This is a little mat that I made to go on the counter under my teapot. I love 1930's reproductions, but I mentioned that already. I thrifted that little bunny, too for $1.99. Next year I might actually get out the Easter decorations. I had wanted to get them out this year, but we were so busy getting everyone ready for their sacraments that we didn't bother. Another reason was because I hadn't finished my Easter table runner. I had every intention of getting it done before Easter, but it didn't happen and then we all got sick. I finished it in May just before Pentecost. I guess it is better late than never. In case you were wondering, I used this pattern.

We rounded May out with a camping trip. That deserves it own post, though. I hope to get caught up on the Mary Garden posts as well and post about the progress in our garden. The time, I just need more time. After all, I am a mom!

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