Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Morning In Mary's Garden ~ June 17, 2013

After a few weeks of an unintended break from blogging, I am back with the latest edition of Monday Morning in Mary's Garden. Our little Mary Garden is coming along nicely. The roses are blooming and the flowers the Maria planted are taking root and flourishing. The gladiolas are up and the lily has poked up through the soil. We can hardly wait until everything is in bloom. For now, we are content with the flowers that are there.

One of the least expensive and most abundant blooming flowers that we have planted in the garden and in various locations on our property is the beautiful little petunia. It always blooms and can survive some neglect. The petunia reminds me of my childhood home. We always had petunias planted between other annuals and perennials.

Petunia Vintage Seed Packet PostersPetunias come in a variety of sizes and colors.  They are actually a flower from South America and are related to the tobacco plant. The name petunia comes from the French word 'petun' which means tobacco.

The Marian name for the petunia is 'Our Lady's Praises'.

If you are limited on space or time, you can plant petunias in planters or hanging baskets. They do really well if you dead head the blooms that are spent and water somewhat regularly. Believe me, these flowers are hard to kill and anybody can grow them.

Noah bought me a hanging basket with petunias for Mother's Day and hubby built me a beautiful arbor to hang them on. Did I mention that I love petunias?

Please tell me, do you have petunias in your garden? Are you as fond of them as I am?

God Bless Friends. Have a blessed week.
Holly Hobbie - friends

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