Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring is Finally Here

Bluebirds in a pink parasol.When I am not posting, we are either sick or the weather is great. Well, my hiatus from the Blog-land is due to the phenomenal weather we have been having. Our winter here dragged on forever and now that it is nice, we are enjoying it. Schoolwork is finished quicker and recesses are a little longer nowadays. Even the dinner meal is on the table a little earlier so that we can go for walks in the evening. We have learned to bask in the sunlight as much as possible because our springs and summers are very short. Our snow-free season (as we like to call it) is about three, sometimes four months long.

The garden is showing signs of life. We have been busy getting it ready for the summer. We pruned the roses and moved the raspberry bushes. We transplanted some plants and moved the Mary Garden. We do something in the garden every day. We have some special plants ordered from the gardening catalogue and can hardly wait to get them in the beds. Daddy fixed up the kids' fort. I can't believe that I don't have any pictures of him using his power tools.

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to. Have you been getting great weather? Have you been out enjoying it? What do you like to do when the weather is nice?

The hacksap berry bushes.
Rhubarb!!! We love rhubarb!
Patrick's apple tree. The promise of apples...
Adam loves the baby swing.
Where we love to go for walks.
The kiddos in front of a big tree. 
This is the back of the tree.
Walking with the kids through Fish Creek Provincial Park.
Hubby didn't even change after work. We ate and grabbed coffee and headed for nature. 
Patrick wanted to see the river, so we went and saw the river and not the creek.
Thankful that my almost teenager still lets me take his picture.
 My sweetie.
My cross-dresser. He dresses for winter in summer and summer in winter.
Patrick, my silly three year old.
Me. I love spring.
Do you see the starling? This guy and the flock were so loud.
The prairie dog that let me get really close to take his picture.
The two white-tailed deer that we drove by and took pictures of. 
We saw a really beautiful pheasant that looked like this. (picture courtesy of Wikipedia) We drove by him and then backed up to take a picture. But as our luck would have it, one of the kiddos squealed (windows were down) and scared him away before we got a snap-shot.
Yesterday a baby squirrel jumped in the window well. He was so darn cute.
Here he is again under the hacksap berry bush.
Playing catch with a ball hockey ball. Really need to clean the shed and get out a "real" ball.
These two are always ready to pose for the camera. 

Happy Spring Everyone!!!

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  1. Beautiful photos Tina Marie! Loved seeing everyone! Especially you!! We are finally experiencing Spring too, you'd think we lived in Canada or something! (just kidding)

    Happy Mother's day--God bless you!


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