Friday, May 24, 2013

Seven Quick Takes


We finally decided that we are going to try camping. This retro catholic family has never been camping. EVER. This summer we are going to try it out. We don't have money to do vacation, so the campground will have to do. We dug out some of the gear we already owned, bought a few of the essentials and even booked a campground for next weekend. Everyone is excited to try this new adventure as a family. I even took up the art of making a great percolator coffee. The stove-top version using the percolator below passed the daddy test for sure. He is really pick about his cup of Joe tasting just right. (that's why he usually makes his own and wasn't sure how the percolator would measure up to his normal coffee). Update on our camping adventures to follow for sure.
Coleman® 9-Cup Coffee Percolator


The baby slept through ONCE this week. It was weird. I mean he is 9 months old and should be able to sleep through by now, but he doesn't. I can live with that and don't worry about it too much. He is a generally happy and content baby and that is all that matters, right. But, if the baby decided to start sleeping through the night more often, I wouldn't complain. Maybe then I would get my fertility back if you know what I mean.


We had our facilitator visit yesterday and it went well. I realized that our more-or-less unschooling this year has paid off. The facilitator was really impressed with the kids' reading and comprehension skills. Their writing samples impressed her as well. That being said, we are behind in math and will be working a little on it all summer until it is finished. 


The home schoolers in our area had a year end Mass yesterday. It was nice to get out and see old friends and meet some new people. It is nice to share our faith and fellowship. I really need to get out to more home school events. I am not the type of person that needs a lot of social activity. The kids are a lot like Sascha and I in that we prefer to meet more one on one with other families or friends and aren't huge fans of crowds. 


I sewed this week for the first time since KCW back a few weeks ago. I made a granny square quilt top. I am not sure if it will be a table runner or a wall hanging. What do you think? 


This weekend is the Festival of Quilts at Heritage Park. I am really excited. I haven't gone to the Festival of Quilts for a few years now. We splurged and bought a season pass for Heritage Park (an open air museum) this year and plan on spending lots of time there. There is so much to learn about our country and how it was once. The Festival of Quilts features quilts from mostly local quilters and guild members. I am always amazed at all of the beautiful quilts. If you live in or near Calgary, you should definitely come take a look. Please pray that the weather clears up. It has been raining for a few days now and they are calling for rain tomorrow as well. I don't like dragging the kids out in the cold rain if it is possible.
Festival Of Quilts
photo courtesy of Heritage Park


I have plans. Plans to make Maria her own quilt. She has a rag quilt that I made her before I knew what I was doing. Now it is time to make her a real quilt. She picked out the material and the free pattern by cluckclucksew based on this finished quilt. Maria chose very girly pastel colored fabrics from my stash and some that we purchased on sale 50% off a while ago. I just have so many projects half done that I really need to finish a few first, don't I? We'll see. Until then, here are her chosen fabrics...


  1. We can't afford a vacation this year either. (although, Grandma and Grandpa are taking Tom and the big kids to Canada next week--fishing...can't think what town it's by, Draden? I'll have to find out) We don't have any camping gear either, so even camping would be too spendy! We did sign up for a "Catholic Camp" in June, with other Catholic homeschooling families, we stay in a lodge type thing, with kind of dorm rooms, and all the meals are made for us!! (no cooking!) It was within our budget, so we'll see!

    You are such a great seamstress. You are so inspiring.

    Glad you are not worrying about the baby, he will eventually sleep through the night.

  2. Tina Marie, you should come camping to the Family Life conference near Edmonton at the end of June! We go every year, Peter Kreeft is speaking for the adults, separate speaker tents for the kids based on age, even a big toddler tent to sign your kids in and out of. And lots and lots of people tent it - its basically a big field but a great spiritual retreat weekend for the entire family.

    I didn't go to the quilt festival due to the weather, but I usually do go and enjoy it very much :). Love your quilt plans.


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