Thursday, May 23, 2013

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This was the sky early yesterday morning. Can you believe that it was raining when I took this picture?


Adam is such a happy baby even while giving him his first buzz-cut. I loved his hair, but it gets full of food, sweaty and gross. So, he got in line to get his hair buzzed. Cheap and easy hair cuts for all my boys and daddy.


We found him like this. We are not sure if he fell out of bed and just decided to stay on the floor or he fell asleep playing on the floor. Either way, it was cute.


Photo: My poor little guy took a nose dive onto the concrete. Life with boys sure can get messy. I will never get used to this.

This still makes me cringe when I see it. He was in the parked wagon and I turned around to talk to the nice neighbor when his brother decided to take him for a ride. What his big brother didn't realize is that he was trying to climb out of the wagon and it tipped. He is looking a lot better today. Life with boys sure does keep you on your toes.

Hope your week has been pretty, happy, funny, real. God Bless.

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