Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Morning in Mary's Garden ~ May 27th

Mary and the Holy Trinity
Yesterday was Trinity Sunday, so this week's featured Marian flower is also know as a Trinity Flower. The simple and oh so pretty wild pansy or johnny-jump-up, viola tricolor has three main petals and usually consists of three colors with one or two being more dominant colors.

The commonly bred pansies generally have a dominant color of yellow, purple or white with the other colors are colors are secondary or preserved for the middle. The yellow dominance is symbolic of the glory of our Father in heaven; the purple represent the sorrows and passion of the incarnate Son; and the white is the light of the Holy Spirit. One color is dominant, but the others are also present, reminding us that whenever one of the three Persons of the Trinity is present, so to are the other two members present in unity as one God.

The Marian name for the pansy is 'Our Lady's Delight'. It is reminiscent of the moment where Mary conceived  Our Lord and proclaimed: "My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior." This is the first part of Mary's Hymn of praise to the Lord as seen in Luke's Gospel (1:46-55). She was delighted to serve the Lord and this little flower is so delightful to look at.

Pansies grown in our garden in the summer of 2011.

Pansies are hardy cold weather perennials and can be grown in areas up to Zone 7. They require little attention and are very easy to grow. They can be planted in the garden or in pots and flower baskets. If you dead head them regularly, you can enjoy them throughout the entire growing season. They like rich soil and can be grown in full sun to partial shade.

One activity that is particularly nice for young girls to do is to press pansy flowers and use them to adorn their letters or diaries. Just take the head of a few pansy flowers and place them in between two small sheets of wax paper and place it in a book. Stack some heavy books on top of the book and wait for a week or two until the flowers are dry.

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