Sunday, April 14, 2013

still under the weather

I can't believe that we are still sick. Tomorrow we will begin our third week of flu, colds, ear infections, headaches and nasty coughs. Hubby has been hit real hard. He doesn't get paid sick leave, so he is going to try to work tomorrow and I always worry about him when he does. He once went to work with 103F fever.

This is the card I would love to give my retro man:

Vintage "get well soon" greeting card

But this is probably more like it, I am such a wimp. I think it is because when dad is down, I get sick and then am drastically outnumbered.

Sad Puppy - 1940s Get Well Greeting Card

Patrick our resident three year old has an ear infection and is on anti-biotics. I feel so sorry for him. And his poor little nose crusts over completely when he sleeps. I hate having to pry it free, but you have to sometimes do these little things to make your loved ones feel better.

The baby is battling a fever now, too. He nursed almost all night long. He is just so helpless and his eyes are all red and drippy. Poor little guy.

The bigger kids are on the mend and are really trying to help as mom rests with a headache and terrible sore throat. They are at a great advantage when mom periodically throughout the day loses her voice. You sure can tell that they are feeling a bit better because they have started back at the bickering.

I am a whiner, I know. We haven't a soul to help us out here. I wish in times like these that we had a grandma, aunt or good friend who would come over, bring us food or take the healthy ones (so that they can deal with the bickering). We chose to move here to give our children a better future, to homeschool them yadayadayada, but sometimes it is really hard. I am just going to keep hoping and praying that all will be well soon. If I could send us a card, it would look like this:

VINTAGE Ephemera  Get Well Soon Card by thevintagemode on Etsy, $3.50

God Bless friends.


  1. If I were in the vicinity I would bring you some of Grandma's recipe homemade chicken dumpling soup. So, instead, here is the virtual kind coming to you through cyberspace! (((chicken dumpling soup)))

    Blessings, dear. Get well soon!

  2. Hope you are feeling better. Here in Maryland where it was 90 degrees last week and in the 60's this week, everyone here has been fighting the "bug". I blame the weather :) Hope everyone there is on the mend soon:)

  3. Sorry to hear you are all feeling so unwell. I hope things improve soon. I love the cards!

    God bless!


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