Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Back to the Daily Grind

Well, I hope that we can finally get back to the daily grind. We have been sick for long enough. It all started on Easter Monday and the last coughs are still ringing in our hallways. I got it last and was hit the hardest. I am still fighting hives. Yes, hives!!! Weird ending to my cold included a very itchy, driving me crazy bought of hives. I had to take really strong meds to manage them, but they turn me into a very drowsy, tipsy, drunk-like zombie that my kids take advantage of. I am trying to wean myself off of them because I can't mother or school kids while intoxicated.

In the midst of the sickness, we ordered a few pieces of furniture and began renovating a few rooms in this house to make the most of our precious space. I don't have any pictures yet, bet I am very excited to show you some. Hubby did an awesome job on the master bedroom and now we have a little retreat. We still need to hang some pictures, but it is looking really good so far.

Easter was awesome! Hubbs and the two oldest kids are now confirmed. The Easter Vigil was trés stressful for me, who was stuck with the two littlest in a pew behind the candidates. I was wedged between to other families and had to hobble over someone each and every time the baby fussed or someone needed to go potty. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I am so proud of my sweetheart and the kids. Owen was a trooper, too. He has a hard time staying awake past his bedtime and almost slept through his First Communion.
My sweetie all dolled up. This is a rare sighting. Hubby doesn't usually do ties.

Noah and his sponsor in front of the water font.

Maria and her sponsor in front of the water font.

Owen was a little tired and making goofy faces. This is the best shot of them all believe it or not?

Our Easter family photo. Patrick whipped out the shades real quick before saying cheese. Oh well, at least he smiled. I am hoping the photos taken by the photographer before Mass turned out a little better.
And since I haven't blogged for a dog's age, I thought I would share a picture of the hot cross buns that we made. They were from a new paleo recipe that we tried and were very yummy. Too yummy not to share at least a little picture of.

On Easter Monday, just hours before the first sick victim fell, we went to the library. Our local branch was gearing up to do some major renovations and had a book sale. We brought home these three bags full of treasures. You were allowed to fill a bag with as many books as possible for a mere $6.00. We didn't think we would even fill one when we walked in. They told us that they didn't have any children's books for sale.

This is the stack of crafting books.
This a really neat find about painting icons.
This and that.
Now, we go back to the regular school, play and home humdrum. That's ok for me because I am glad it isn't what it has been, cough, cough. That means that I can get some nap-time sewing in again. This week is Kids Clothes Week and I have plans. I will share more later this week.  

God bless and thanks for the prayers and well wishes. You were all in my thoughts and prayers.


  1. So exciting to see all your loved ones receiving the sacraments! I was surprised to see an evening First Holy Communion. Is that normal?

    The hot cross buns look good. Are you all doing the paleo diet?

    I love those library book sales. We always take way too many books when they happen.

  2. Eva, the reason Owen's First Holy Communion was in the evening is because it also took place during the Easter Vigil. It isn't a regular thing, but at our parish they made an exception so that the confirmations and the First Communion could be celebrated together. The Easter Vigil began at 9:30pm.

    Yes, we are all doing the paleo-ish (grain free) diet. We still do potatoes which are a no-no on the paleo diet.

  3. I see! Now the late First Communion makes sense.

    What about sugar? Do you avoid all sugar an all sweeteners?

  4. We don't use a lot of sugar, but don't avoid it at all costs. I just don't fuss about it because we don't use a lot. As alternatives, we use honey and maple syrup. Since all of our meals are from scratch using fresh ingredients, sugar usually only ends up in the baking. We eat grain free banana bread every morning as part of our breakfast and it only call for 2/3 cup of sugar for the whole batch which lasts us two breakfasts.

  5. Tina,

    What a beautiful photos! I enjoyed reading about all your special Easter celebrations. I can just imagine you juggling your little ones during the Vigil. But you made it through Mass!

    Can I be envious of your wonderful stack of secondhand books? That icon book looks so interesting. I love library sales.

    God bless!


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