Tuesday, March 19, 2013

D is for Dinosaur and S is for Stitch

A few weeks ago, I was reading some random blogs for some inspiration. When bloggers do book reviews on books that look really good, I open up our library website and promptly put the book on hold. The following book is no exception. This is a brand new book and I am one of the first to take a look at it. I like to preview books at the library first before I invest in it. S is for Stitch: 52 Embroidered Alphabet Designs + Charming Projects for Little Ones

I don't do a lot of embroidery, but this book is adorable. I might actually have to make the 'abc' quilts for our home school. Paddy is three now and is really into learning his letters and Owen is an emerging reader. Dyslexia has really held him back, but he really is determined. He is reading now. It is really hard for him, but he is reading!

Last week, I promised to do some sewing with him, but I wasn't sure what he should make. I wanted him to use some charm square that I had, that I knew, but the rest was unknown. I wanted a simple sewing project for him because he doesn't follow directions very well. It wasn't until I picked this book up from the library that I knew what he was going to work on. Owen was going to make himself a pillow like the one on page 124.  

 Yesterday, during school time, we got started. I trimmed the squares to the sizes indicated in the book and Owen sewed them all together. I didn't follow all of the directions to a 't'. I sewed the block to be embroidered into the pillow before embroidering. The book suggests to do the embroidering first, but I don't have a little hoop. It is also easier for Owen to hold a bigger hoop, so I cheated a little.... And we changed the picture. Owen wanted to make a dinosaur. He is a huge fan of these prehistoric creatures.
This is the sneak peak of his stitching. I am a proud mama, I must admit. It is nice having fellow needle workers in the house. 
After working with Owen on his project, I decided to look online to see how much this little book will set me back financially. Then, I noticed that beginning today, there is a "S is for Stitch" blog hop in which you can win this book as part of the giveaway. Here is the line up:

Allison Rosen @ stashbooksblog.com - March 19
Allison Harris @ cluckclucksew.com - March 20
Amanda Jean Nyberg @ crazymomquilts.blogspot.ca - March 21
Amy Sinibaldi @ nanacompany.typepad.com - March 22
Anne Sutton @ bunnyhillblog.com - March 25
Lori Holt @ beeinmybonnetco.blogspot.ca - March 26
Sherri McConnell @ aquiltinglife.com - March 27
Me! @ prettybyhand.com - March 28

Happy Feast of St. Joseph, everyone. Thanks for stopping by. God Bless.

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  1. Oh, Angela got the biggest smile on her face seeing Owen! Great job!!


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