Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stash Bash & Needle and Thread

This week's Stash Bash and Needle and Thread post is actually a collection of what I have been working on over the past few weeks. I haven't been blogging much again lately, but have written a number of posts in my head. Does that count for anything?

I am just beginning to build up a nice little stash of material. I love quilting. It is my new passion. I love the creativity of it and the amount of skill it requires. I love challenges and quilting is definitely challenging me. It is mathematical art. It is the first hobby that I have tried where I actually look like an artist. I can follow knitting patterns fairly easily, but have difficulty creating something new. Now with quilting, I am trying new things and they are actually turning out.

This quilt was a request from my husband. I had leftover rectangles from Noah's Star Wars rag quilt (which is still a WIP) and with hubby's help, came up with this quilt top. The Darth Vader block was the most challenging piece of the whole quilt. It is paper-pieced using this free pattern.
The original pattern was too small, so I enlarged it by 200%. I really like how it turned out. Afterwards, I showed hubby how to prepare the applique star ships. He did all of the prep-work and ironed them in place. I just did manned the sewing machine for him. He loves how everything tuned out and keeps bugging me to finish it. We need some backing fabric.

I finally finished the second mug rug for the mug rug swap. I just learned how to applique and am surprised at  the final outcomes. I want to get my mug rugs in the mail this weekend because my swap partner lives in the USA and our postal service is slow. I really hope that my partner likes it. 

I also managed to finish a few more blocks for the My Favorite Quilt Block Quilt Along. I made a new wonky log cabin because my type A personality didn't like the first one.

This is made from stash material and retro fabric that I thrifted a while back. I am hoping to turn this into a retro-looking sampler quilt.

This the reflections block, I have material cut to make some six inch blocks. I like the look of the six inch ones sewn together to make a 12 inch block.

This owl block turned out so-la-la. I might make this one again using different circle sizes. It looks nice, but I want to experiment a little with the look of it.

As far as reading is concerned, I have been reading a lot of writing assignments as of late. The following is one of Maria's. She used quilt block names in a story. Her inspiration comes from similar stories that we found in a few 1983 quilting magazines that we thrifted with the above fabric. All of the words in uppercase are names of quilt blocks. Enjoy.
Little SUN BONNET SUE’s mother sent her to bring her GRANDMOTHER’S FAVORITE, some CORN AND BEANS with VEGTABLE SOUP. SUN BONNET SUE obeyed her mother and set out at once. First, she must go through the ENCHANTED FOREST and keep on the PATH THOUGH THE WOODS. While she was on the path, in the ditch she saw some BROKEN DISHES that looked like DRESDEN PLATES. She wondered who’s PRIZED POSESSION they were, so she went over to place them in her basket. Beside the BROKEN DISHES was a beautiful LEAFY BASKET so she picked it up also. When she picked up everything, she decided to go back to the path. The BROKEN DISHES and the LEAFY BASKET had been so far into the woods that she couldn’t find the path. So she started wandering around through the TANGLED BRIARS. After walking quite a while, she saw a little LOG CABIN. Close by it were big PINE TREES with BOW TIES on them. By the biggest DOG WOOD of them all,there was a tiny PINWEEL. It was pink and blue. She picked it up and ran to the LOG CABIN and knocked on the door.  And before she could say TUMBLING BLOCKES, a young man opened the door.
“Hi,” said the man. “My name is OVERALL SAM. How can I help you?”
“Um,” SUN BONNET SUE replied. “I am lost. Do you think you can help me find the DRUNKARD’S PATH?”
“Yes. Why of course!” exclaimed OVERALL SAM.
Then he brought her to the path. He then gave her a ring with a diamond on top and told her not to lose it. Then he ran to his LOG CABIN. When SUN BONNET SUE got out of the ENCHANTED FOREST she saw SONNIE’S PLAY HOUSE so she went over and said hi to Sonnie.  Sonnie suggested they go to the FARMERS FIELDS and make a FRIENDSHIP CHAIN. SUN BONNET SUE said she must be on her way. A little while after, by the CHURCH STEPS, she saw a COUNTRY GARDEN.  In it were lots of flowers.  SUN BONNET SUE picked some SUMMER STAR FLOWERS which were her favorite, some BLACK EYED SUSANS, AUTUMN FLOWERS and ROSE BUDS. Then she put them in the LEAFY BASKET, for her BASKET was full. Then she went down the GARDEN PATH and walked along the RAIL FENCE and past a BALLOON GIRL. As she walked along she remembered the WEDDING RING and wondered what it was for. She took it out of her pocket and put it on her finger, but it was much too large so she put in in the LEAFY BASET with the flowers and it fell to the bottom.  She tried to pick it up and put it where she could see it, but it got caught on the bottom of the BASKET and the diamond on the top twisted.  Then a gush of wind came and all of a sudden it was dark all around. She fell face first on the ROAD TO CALIFORNIA and then came some FLYING GEESE calling CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.
She was so scared so she grabbed the ring and said “bring me to my grandmother’s HOUSE ON A HILL.”

And to the GIRL’S JOY she was standing at the bottom of her grandmother’s HOUSE ON A HILL. She climbed the hill and being so exited she ran right through her GRANDMOTHER FLOWER GARDEN. Then she walked on the FIVE SQUARE tiles that lead to the house. Inside the house she saw her grandmother’s PUSS IN A CORNER. The room was dark so SUN BONNET SUE opened the window in her grandmother’s bedroom. Then the two of them had a picnic inside the house. When it was time for her to go to home, she went outside asked the ring to take her home, then twisted the diamond and the ring took her safely home. From that time on, whenever she needed to go somewhere alone, she used the ring.

That night when she was in bed she asked herself “Why did OVERALL SAM just give me the ring?”


  1. You are so talented. I'm going to have to show Nicholas this! It's beautiful. (the Star Wars one) Well, they are all beautiful, but I'm talking about the SW one.

    1. Thanks Jamie. Star Wars is a favorite theme here, too.

  2. Wow - your husband is so into it! And I really like your squares within squares.

  3. Nice Squares. I like the owl mug rug. The owl are nice and the colours so owly.


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