Friday, February 8, 2013

Rocken the Bobs

My sweet daughter and I have been growing our hair out for some time. We have been wanting to donate our hair. Up until now, we were either too chicken or didn't have enough hair. I also have a few grey hairs and not everyone will accept hair that is grey. Luckily though, we found a great program that we can donate our 'tails' to.
We are donating our hair to The Wigs for Kids Program in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They collect hair to make full and partial wigs for children in need. They were inspired to start their program by the "Locks of Love" hair donation program in the US. Mia is donating almost 12 inches worth and I have a little over 10 inches.

The change is drastic! I can't believe how cute my sweetie is. I am so proud of her. She didn't cry at all. She was actually really excited to give her hair to someone else who really needs it.

We love our new bobs! I can't help but feel a lot younger. Now the baby will have less to pull at. Sorry Mr. Muppet. 

We also have other great news!!! Although hubby was baptized Catholic and received his First Reconciliation and Eucharist as a kid, he was never confirmed. I have been praying for him to finally take the step and get confirmed, but it wasn't until recently that he said, "Yes." He asked me to inquire for him. Since Noah was going to be confirmed this year, he wanted to lead by example and get confirmed with him. Before signing Noah up for the classes, we asked our sacramental coordinator if Sascha could sign up, too. Well after talking to the priest and all that, they came up with the idea of having them both confirmed during the upcoming Easter Vigil. Since Owen is making his First Eucharist this year also, he was welcomed to do this during the Vigil as well. On top of that, since Mia is almost of age, she will be confirmed as well. It will be a big celebration and a very special Easter for our family. I am so excited!!! Can you tell? 

God bless friends and have a great weekend!!!


  1. OH, my gosh, Tina Marie--you two look beautiful!! Love the new haircuts!! And such a wonderful sacrifice! Congrats on the Confirmations coming up--what a Blessed Easter it will be!

    1. Your daughter was our inspiration, Jamie. She gave us the courage to do it. Thank her for us please.

    2. Your daughter was our inspiration, Jamie. She gave us the courage to do it. Thank her for us please.


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