Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lenten Prayer

Today is Ash Wednesday and this marks the beginning of the liturgical season of Lent.  Are you ready for it? Are the plans all laid out?  Or are you like me and draw up plans at the last minute? Do you ever get caught up in looking at what other people are doing and wonder how do they do it all? I know that I do and that I must humbly step back and look at what is possible, pick that one thing and do it. I really need to stick to one thing and not get caught up doing too much and inevitably fail when I attempt to do it all. No one should throw in the towel after just one week of Lent.

For this reason, in the past few years I have attempted to direct the focus of the family towards one particular aspect of Lent. It is not that we neglect the others, but rather that by focusing on one aspect, we have one goal that is far more attainable and thus fruitful. This year, we are focusing on prayer.

We are going to spend each day of Lent praying and offering up our little sacrifices for a particular person, organization or group of people. I made up a chart that I would like to share with you.

It is simple, write in a name for each day of Lent, including Sundays and Holy Week and dedicate all of your prayers, works and sufferings of that day for that person or group of people. Spend a little time in the morning talking about the person of the day. We like to do this during breakfast. After our breakfast dishes our cleared away and everyone is dressed, chores are done and are fit to start the day, we gather in the living room. It is here that we begin our morning prayer. It is up to you whether you pray for the person using special prayers or just include that person in your daily intentions. The point is to make an effort to offer up some sort of prayer for this person. I also encourage my children to think of this person when they are struggling with their schoolwork or are having a difficult time with something. I use the opportunity to teach them about offering up and uniting their suffering with that of Christ's. This is much more than mumbling a bunch of words, it is prayer through actions and deeds.

To get you started, here is a little list that is by no means conclusive, of people or groups to pray for.
  • individual family members
  • your parish priest
  • all priests
  • seminarians
  • your bishop
  • all bishops & cardinals
  • Pope Benedict XVI
  • the election of a new Pope
  • the new Pope
  • Godparents
  • Blesseds and Venerables on their journey to Sainthood
  • teachers in general or your childrens' teachers  (perhaps piano, dance etc.)
  • the coach of a team or instructor
  • the catechists in your parish
  • Dad's employer(s)
  • the elderly in general (or specific person)
  • the sick (or specific person in hospital or suffering from illness)
  • the homeless
  • candidates in the RCIA program 
  • those endanger of abortion 
  • abortion industry workers
  • the souls in purgatory (or deceased family member)
  • expectant mothers (or one you know in particular)
  • neighbors
  • friends (or list specific friends that may need extra prayer)
  • children waiting to be adopted
  • pen pals
  • family doctor, optometrist, dentist etc.
  • anyone else you can think of
This list is meant to help get you started. Let me know of anyone that I have missed. We don't have our chart completely filled out yet.

We will also be doing other activities and I plan on sharing them with you as we do them. Please feel free to use our chart and any ideas that we are sharing. I do my best to share what works for us (after all of the stumbles and falls) and hope and pray that someone else can be spared the struggle.

 God Bless from our home to yours for a Holy Lent.

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  1. Tina--what a great idea! I'll let you know when to pray for us and Simeon, he has a doctor appt the beginning of March for possible surgery in March sometime...Lent....bring it on!


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