Monday, February 4, 2013

Daybook for February 4th

Outside my window... it is still very dark. I can't wait for longer days.

I am thinking... that I have been very blessed with an amazing husband and children.

I am thankful for... the grace that confession gives.

From the lesson plans... confession and confirmation preparation as well as lots and lots of read alouds.

From the kitchen... lots of Paleo recipes thanks to Tonight we are having rosemary beef and sweet potatoes.

I am wearing... pj's.

I am creating... a cozy home. I have lots of little projects on the go, but hope to finish hubby's pillow covers. He is a huge Marvel fan and I have some pillow covers for the man cave that are donning Captain America, Iron Man and co.

I am planning... to stick to our new schedules and meal plans with optimism. Morning prayers as a family are really helping the days to unfold more gracefully.

I am reading... nothing in particular and lots in tidbits. I need to read more and I just need to fit that into the schedule.

I am hoping... that we can finally make a decision on where to have Noah receive his confirmation. I can't believe that it is still up in the air. We attend Masses at two parishes and can't decide. We could have worse problems.

I am hearing... the kids wake up. I really need to get the day started for them.

Around the house... lots of things to do and clean. When is it any different?

I am going... to do some research on taking an NFP course with hubby. We have never practised NFP and feel that it is about time that we do. Living by chance isn't helping our relationship. Any ideas on what method works for you?

I am praying for... hubby's promotion to come through soon. He will receive a company vehicle and that leaves us with the van. Yeah! We can finally attend some daily Masses and adoration. I am excited.

I am also praying that hubby is finally going to get confirmed. He opted out of it when he was a kid in school and regrets that decision. He is a little scared and need a little spiritual push. Prayers would be appreciated.

For the rest of the week... lots of learning, doctors appointments for the little boys and hopefully some sewing.

A quote for the day...
"Change your ways when fear siezes," he had said. "For it usually means that you are doing something wrong." ~ Miyax in Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George
A picture thought...
Hubby's 38th birthday was on Saturday. The kids put 18 candles on it because they didn't want their pieces to have too much wax on it from taking so long to light them all. Lol.

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