Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thrifty Finds

We went thrifting again this afternoon. It is always fun to go thrifting, don't you think? It is even more fun when you find some really great things, like we did today.

The virgin Mary statue was really dirty, but with the help of Mr. Clean and his magic eraser, she is looking beautiful again.
 This figurine is intended to be a gift for Owen who will be receiving his First Holy Communion later this year. I don't think he saw it, so please don't tell him.
 This little music box is my favorite find today (after Mary of course). He spins around playing the Happy Birthday song. So cute and in impeccable condition.
 I couldn't resist this one either. Isn't she a darling on her little chair with her dolly?
 These vintage Christmas ornaments were in a bag with some hideous ornaments, but for $1.99, I couldn't leave them there.

You can never have too many nativity sets, in my opinion. This is a really cute porcelain set for Nick. I guess Nick didn't want them because now they are ours.
 I love this "Last Supper" plaque that we found for $0.99. It was made in El Salvador. It now dons a special spot on the shelf with other Catholic knickknacks and what-nots.
For $2.99, I scored a 1990's fabric bundle. The teddy bear piece is from Debbie Mumm and the bunnies are from Daisy Kingdom. These pieces will make a cute doll quilt for sure. I have a Debbie Mumm quilting book and I am sure that the perfect project is in there.
These three 1983 quilting magazines were $0.50 each. They have some really neat patterns and some funny pictures of women of the time. The ladies were dressed in 1970's attire and bright pink make-up. 

Noah got a pair of jeans and the kids got a few VHS tapes and a German board game. My German hubby was looking at the board games when another guy was reading the writing on it to his son. He was poking fun at it and told his son that it is useless, it is German. Good for us that we can speak and read German. It was only $0.99. It is a popular German board game. If you come over, we can teach you how to play.
That was quite the booty for one day! There was also another music box without a price tag on it that I really wanted. (I am sorry for not coveting this one) It was a vintage Minnie Mouse music box. When hubby asked how much it was, she told him that she didn't feel comfortable pricing it and put it in the back. End of story. I pleaded with her to call me on Monday when it is priced an to hold it for me. Cross your fingers for me, please. I hardly fall in love with any "thing", but this was so sweet and a collectible for sure. 

I hope that you are all having a wonderful weekend. God bless.

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