Sunday, January 27, 2013

Some More Blocks

I have been really busy all week and haven't gotten much sewing done. C'est la vie! After all, I am a homeschool mom and I was needed a lot more than usual. I have had to tweak a few of the kids' programs to work a little better for them and that meant a lot of time spent on more important things than sewing.

I did manage to get three blocks done for a Quilt Along. I decided to join a few 'quilt alongs' and a mug rug swap. I really want hone my skills before I open up my own etsy shop. It's coming, I promise.

The first Quilt Along that I joined, was the Bloggers Block of the Month Quilt Along hosted by Peach Patch Quilts. This is the quilt that I made the blocks for.

September 2012 Block ~ Fun in the Middle Block
October 2012 Block ~ Churn Dash
November 2012 Block ~ Big and Little
I think that these blocks turned out really nice. I am hoping to make this quilt into a lap quilt for my daughter. She could use a small quilt to cuddle up in when she is cold. I haven't made her a 'real' quilt yet. She has a rag quilt, but that one isn't my best work nor is it pretty. She deserves a pretty quilt. With four boys in this house, we could really use a little bit of femininity around here. I really want to highlight the flowers, fairies, pinks and yellows.

The other quilt along that I joined is called "My Favorite Block Quilt Along" by Persimon Dreams. I haven't started that one yet, but it is on my list of to do's. The next blocks are coming out on Tuesday. I am really excited about that. I haven't decided on a color theme yet, but I am thinking something along the lines of 1930's or 1940's reproduction fabrics with a white background.

I also joined the "Mug Rug Swap" hosted by the Quilting Gallery using designs from The Patchsmith. I am awaiting confirmation on this one. I can't wait to receive the patterns. I am excited to do some applique. I have never done any applique and I need to get over my fear. Why not learn and share what I have learned?

On another note, I have printed out a blog planner and hope to get a little more organized in terms of blogging. I hope to get more organized in general and will blog about it if I ever get my act together enough to let you know what is working for us. I am really hopeful that I will have a bit better time management, more productive homeschool and essentially a lot more time for me.  It all begins with prayer and that is where I would like to end today. I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend.

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