Monday, January 14, 2013

Sewing for Boys

How many of you sew for boys? Do you have any go to patterns? I have a hard time finding sewing patterns for boys, that I actually like. When you find a pattern that works for you, do you make the same thing over and over again?

I bought the Fuddie Duddie Pants Pattern before the baby was born, with the intention of making most of my boys pants. Truth be known, I haven't made all that many pairs yet because I realized that I really don't like sewing clothes. I prefer to sew doll cloths, baby bibs and of course quilts. Making boys pants can be actually quite frugal. They don't take long to sew, you can use fabric from the sale section and make them how every you like. I tend to reinforce the knees on the pants I make. This makes them last longer. With four boys, I have seen dozens of pants go through at the knees within a few weeks of purchasing them. That is why I like to sew my own.

I made the following pair without reinforced knees with the hopes that these would be worn when we go out and not necessarily for romping, sword-fighting, car playing or mud-pie making. I guess I should design the matching straight jacket. Just kidding.

As easy as the pants are to make, they are really difficult to photograph. My little guy is such a clown and wouldn't stay still.


  1. Oh my goodness! He is adorable! My mother in law makes pants for the boys. I love it! Boys go through pants like crazy. We have been taking old clothes and turning them into leggings for the girls and my husbands old pants into pants for the boys. It is all rather amazing!

  2. You are so talented and thrifty, a gal after my own heart.


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