Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back Again

I am such an on again, off again blogger. It is a wonder that anyone ever stops by to read. If you are here, I most appreciate it. I have a lot of plans for this new year. I have even changed the name of the blog, AGAIN! Sorry. But as the time goes by, I feel the need to change and grow.

I recently celebrated my 35th birthday. It is only in the last few months that I have begun to allow me to be exactly that, ME. I have always tried to be like others. While that is not entirely bad, it is not necessarily good either. I have always looked at others' grass and saw that it was without exception greener and in the meantime, neglected my own yard. It is time to make my grass greener, healthier and stronger.

This year I vow to pray more, to nurture more, to care more. I resolve to pick myself up when I fall (or better yet, ask for help) and to be more humble. I don't have to do it all (even if everyone else does) and I don't have to always have it together. I will learn more about my faith and spend more quality time with the family. I also plan to blog more. So please come back and see what we are up to.

God Bless and thank you for stopping by.

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