Monday, January 14, 2013

A Productive Weekend

The first week back to school is behind us and I had a chance to do a number of little projects in my sewing room. The sewing room is also our home office and school room. It is a tiny room, but we have organized and reorganized it to make it work for us.

Not a square inch of space can be wasted in a room this size. I have spent a lot of time trying to make this room pretty like all of those craft rooms on Pinterest, but let's face it. The family and I use this room and it will never look staged. It is functional and that is what counts.

For my birthday, hubby bought me a design wall, some fabric and some really neat quilting tools. I got a chance to play with some of those things this past weekend.
I bought a piece of Marvel comics fabric before Christmas (actually my dearest bought it) with the intention to make some pillows for the man cave the media room. Hubby's Elvis&car quilt and pillows live down there and need some company. Is it weird when a man requests more pillows? I love my man and don't mind making pillow cases. I paired the marvels with some 1940's reproduction fabrics. Odd combination? He loves them. 

The snowman wall hanging isn't something that I worked on this past weekend, but rather on my birthday. Hubby bought the material on my 34th birthday and I just started it on my 35th birthday. He is joking with me that it won't get done until my 46th birthday. We'll see about that!

The bottom left project was also a "before Christmas" project that Mia and I worked on together. It is based on the 15 minutes of play concept. I think this will end up in the man-cave, too.

The Incredible block is the "whirly-gig" block from the Pioneer Sampler Quilt on BOM. Again this will be made into another pillow and hubby picked out the materials.

Finally, the bottom right quilt is going to be a wall hanging for my Raggedy Ann fan. He helped me pick out the materials and made some of the decisions in regards to color and placement. I just love the playfulness of this one. I am hand quilting it, so it might take a few more days to finish.

I didn't just get sewing done, I got in some family fun time. We played Wii, went thrifting and read a bit. I found a few neat things while thrifting, including a yard of dinosaur print flannel, a cute storage box and a new pyrex dish to add to the collection. There were a few other things that I will post about if I get a chance.

All in all, we had a great weekend. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by a family that is full of love and energy. So what did you do this past weekend?

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