Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Living Simply and Thrifting

I have a weakness, I must admit. I love thriftstores. We venture out to the thriftstores once a month or so. I am always amazed at what I find.

On Thanksgiving weekend, I found a few nice pyrex bowls and a gravy boat. I don't have any fancy serving dishes and I want to eventually get away from using plastic bowls. Secondhand is the way to go. I don't have the money to buy new and I love vintage pyrex. If you can get it in a thriftstore, you are lucky. People sell the stuff on ebay, craigslist and etsy for lots o' cash.

This past weekend, I found a few sleepers for the baby. He is growing so fast and I don't have a lot of thicker sleepers in his size. We never needed them for long in Germany. At $1.99 a piece, I think I got a great deal. The one on the right is from H&M. We bought a lot of clothes from H&M when we lived in Germany. Most of the outfits from H&M have survived four children already. So you can imagine my joy to find such a treasure.
I also found a book that I put on hold at the library last week. Now normally, I wouldn't run out and buy a book that I can get at the library, but I am number 13 in the queue. In the whole city, there are only three copies and you can have the book for 3 weeks at a time. At best, I won't see the book before January or February. So I bought it for $4.99 at the thrift store.
I realize that I already have 5 children and that I should already know something about the topic of fertility, but in truth I know very little. I promised my husband that I would try to get on top of it. I am not ready to have another baby anytime soon. I have my reasons for wanting to delay a pregnancy, but have no idea how. This is embarassing, but true. When researching books on NFP, I stumbled upon this one. Then I googled the title and added the word Catholic to the search. I found a lot of great information from a Catholic perspective and what advice to avoid (the stuff about using condoms for example) while reading this book. It was widely commented on how much good information is contained and that people generally learned more from this book than in a NFP class that they attended. I just need to dive in and begin reading. Have you read this book? What are your experiences with NFP?

I am dying to share our thrifty Christmas ideas. I can't or I will spill the beans on who gets what for Christmas. What I can say, is that we are doing a homemade and thrifted Christmas. We are avoiding buying anything new, unless it is to make something.

Happy thrifting my friends,

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