Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yarn Along

This week has been very busy. I have been knitting like a crazy woman to get a few more projects done before the baby arrives.

I know that it is summer, but I wanted to try to knit up a cowl before the cold weather sets in. Here in Calgary, that can be as early as September. Last year, we saw our first snow in September. It was a simple pattern that I found online. I can't seem to find the pattern source for it.

This is my rendition of the Sacque de Bebe. You can find the pattern on ravelry. This is my first attempt at trying the magic loop cast on. I will definitely try it again, but I know already that I will be watching the youtube videos I found and pausing as I go along.
I also knit a doll, but it needs a waldorf style head. I won't show that because a headless doll, is well kinda weird.
I am actually reading something other than pregnancy books this week! I picked up my library hold of...
Join Ginny and the others on Ginny's blog for this week's Yarn Along.

God Bless friends,


  1. Wow - September snow? Yikes! Your garden is so beautiful with the Blessed Mother watching over it.

  2. What a sweet little baby sacque. How cuddly it will be! :)

  3. I really want to read that book! I can't imagine snow in September but the bright side, you can wear your hand knits

  4. lovely cowl, you really can never have too many!


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