Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Fun & Garden Pictures

I have a love/hate relationship with summer. I love gardening, but I hate the heat. We don't have much shade to hide under, so we spend most of our summer as we do our winter, indoors. But thankfully, our summers are not that hot and that many days are in their early 20's Celcius and we can really enjoy the outdoors.

Waterguns on a Saturday afternoon and mommy's feet in the kiddie pool.

Target practise.

Making soup.

Want some???

Yes, this child is dressed for -25C and not +25C. He claimed that he was cold.
Our first zucchini blossom.

Although blurry, you can see a few Marguerite (Roma) tomatoes on the vine.

The first sweat peas (Our Lady's Flower).

Mary with a beautiful flowerpot full of violas (Our Lady's Delight) and Double Cascade Orchid Mist petunias (Lady's Praise). These were planted from seed and transplanted by Maria.

The squash patch. There are zucchini, cucumbers, small sugar squash, marigolds (Mary's Gold), nasturtiums (St.Joseph's Flowers), borage (Virgin's Face) another type of squash or two. The markers got removed and switched up by my loving and cute toddler.

The strawberry (Fruitfull Virgin) and onion patch.

Saint Francis overlooks our Alexander Mackenzie and John Cabot roses (Mary's Purity).

I believe this is the blossom of a Snack Jack Pumpkin. We are growing these specifically for their seeds.

A closeup of our Alexander Mackenzie roses.

Owen's garden box. Filled with sunflowers (Mary's Gold), edible peas and sweat peas (Our Lady's Flower).

A view from the office/sewing room.

The current bushes are loaded with currents that are not yet ripe.

Another view of the garden. It turned out to be more beautfiul than I expected. I love my potager garden. I also adore that Mary is the focal point of the garden.

Now I just need to keep cool. I hope you are enjoying the summer. God Bless, friends.

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