Thursday, July 5, 2012

Needle & Thread

With Sascha being home for four days this past weekend, I actually got a lot of sewing done. First he repainted the office/sewing room and then I got to work. I made two pairs of newborn pants and matching bibs using the scraps and then I made shorts for two of the other boys.

Do you know how hard it is to find nice boy patterns? If you have little boys and like to make them clothes, you will know exactly what I mean. The newborn pants are made using Rae's Basic Newborn Pants pattern, which is free! I used the same bib pattern that I used for last week's Needle & Thread post. I still have to put snaps in them (I have an aversion to velcro on bibs) and they will be ready to go.

For the bigger boys in the Star Wars t-shirts, I used a pattern that I bought on Etsy a while ago. I bought the Fuddie Duddies Pants Pattern with Cuff. The pattern is really easy to use and is worth the money in my opinion. I made the shorts without a cuff and added pockets to Owen's in the style of Rae's pocket tutorial. I made some adjustments to Patrick's shorts in order to have them fit over his fluffy cloth diapered behind. I would love to make them some more shorts and pants. Owen and Patrick like to match. They have fun matching clothes. I also hope to find the pants pattern that I designed for Noah, my almost 12 year old. I want to make him a pair of matching shorts. When the baby arrives they can all match.

Unfortunately, I haven't been reading lately. I did order a few new books from amazon, though. They will be reading material for nursing sessions. Most of my time is spent nesting these days. And when I am not nesting, I am working with my hands. Maria and I also got some sewing done and we want to share that with you on our other blog.

God Bless friends and don't forget to stop by Elizabeth's blog for more Needle & Thread posts. There is also a giveaway this week! 


  1. I know exactly what you mean about boys patterns. I found it fairly difficult when they were younger, but now I find it very very difficult (they are 9 and 12). I can find the odd pattern here and there that is nice enough for school. I do still make jammies and shorts and sometimes I have to resort to buying a girl's pattern and modifying it (I did that for their bathrobes the year I couldn't find a bathrobe in their size).

  2. YES! There are almost no good boy patterns at all! I have to put in a plug for vintage patterns, because there are some lovely boy clothes among them!I love what you made for your boys though :) They look very cute! And the baby clothes are sweet!


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