Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Garden Journal

This week I am joining Ginny  as well as the 2nd Annual HSV Garden Challenge by posting my garden pictures for this Saturday.

The Canadian Explorer roses that we planted last year.
The honeyberry bushes were also planted last year. There are actually tiny honeyberries on the plants.
Inside the cold frame: watermelon (not visable), purple kohlrabi (left), spinach (middle) and snack jack pumkin (right).
Some of the rasperry bushes that we planted last year and some new sprouts.
Owen's garden box. Sunflowers, peas, sweat peas, chives and radishes. The lettuce is slow at coming up. It should be where nothing is growing.
Some of the hanging strawberries have blossomed.
Maria's Mary Garden in the back. The strawberry patch with some onions are on the left. The tomato and pepper box to the right. There are flowers in the pots. I hope they keep growing.
This is the cucumber/squash box. We just transplanted these. We also have some marigolds, borage and nasturtiums started.
Mary's View.
The carrots (top), beans (middle) and peas (bottom) have begun to finally sprout.
Some of the current bushes have begun to blossom.
Another view.
Just another view.
Noah's favourite: Rhubarb. It is coming along nicely. We also started this last year.
The window boxes along the side of the house. The top one has red dandelion and mesclun mix and the bottom is a herb box with parsley, basil, thyme and rosemary. We made a nice salad using the mesclun lettuce and some thai basil mixed with store bought tomatoes and peppers and homemade vinegrette. It was a hit and the first fruits of our labour.
The front view of our house. There are some perenial bushes along the front of the house and some raspberry bushes that were transplanted from the garden. Perhaps next year, the stone patch will be future gardening space.

Considering that we have had two snowfalls and a hail storm since the garden was initially put in this year, we are doing ok. I am very pleased with the progress and all of the help the kids have been with the maintaining and watering. You can see all of our 2012 garden pictures here.
To see more garden journal pictures linked on Ginny's website, follow this link.

And to see the progress of the gardens linked to the 2nd Annual Homeschool Village Garden Challenge, follow this link.

God Bless friends and Happy Gardening!

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