Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Riding Transit & A Tutorial

Riding transit in this city while 8 months pregnant with 4 kids in tow is no easy task. A stroller is useless unless you aren't 8 months pregnant or you have a really, really nice bus driver to help. I have a midwife appointment that I have to go to and hubby has the van. I also have a run-away type toddler who doesn't like to hold hands while walking down the street. This trip could turn out a disaster, but I think I came up with a solution. - THE WRIST STRAP AND LEASH

Yes, doesn't that sound awful! I have to treat my toddler like a dog, but I can't wrap a collar on him, so I made this....

It looks rather cruel, but it is my quick version of the harness or toddler backpack that you see people use at the zoo and other public places. The wrist strap can also be attached to a backpack or a stroller. My 6 year old demonstrates what it looks like on.

The toddler wasn't impressed.

I have yet to try this out for REAL. I will be doing this later today. Wish me luck. And just in case you have a rogue toddler that has to or insists on walking, but likes to run, I have a tutorial. Just follow the links for the printable version. One is for the pattern and the other is the template you need to place the snaps. I hope the pattern makes sense. I would love some feedback.

Template - make sure you print at 100%
Toddler Wrist Strap
Toddler Wrist Strap Template

Now I have to run. Wish me luck. God Bless friends.

UPDATE: My little guy was great and actually enjoyed wearing the wrist strap and lanyard. He only tried to run off once and that thing saved him from an oncoming c-train. It wasn't even a close call, but I am sure glad that we had it. He was proud to wear it. The cuff looks so cool by itself. The midwives even made a nice comment.

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