Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Husband - My Hero

I don't think that my husband and I have prayed harder than when we did last night. It poured rain and it started pouring in through our new bedroom window. If we hadn't reacted so quickly, we might have had the whole basement flooded.

My husband did everything in his power to stop the basement from flooding. He stayed awake all night scooping water out of the window well. I couldn't do much for him except call the city and ask for help and give him some dry clothes everytime he came in. They gave me a number to call and four local firemen showed up to assist us. Since we weren't flooding into the house at the time, they couldn't really help us. They did however find out that the neighbour's downspout ends right beside our fence and was assisting in the rapid flooding of our yard. They recommended that we direct the water all the way out to the alley from both properties.

I was so scared. We sleep in front of that window and the nursery is just outside our bedroom. I am so thankful that we had stayed up to watch a few minutes of the news. We still have a puddle under our bed, but that is all. Divine assistance and the prayers I am sure helped.

I have never admired my husband more than I did last night. He worked so hard to protect our growing family and our home. He took little breaks, but was out all night scooping water from the window well. The rain has stopped, but he has not. He left for Home Depot at 20 to 6 to buy some new rain gutter and will extend both our and the neighbour's gutters.

I am so grateful for such a wonderful husband and answered prayers. God is good.

Oh and by the way, the one fireman's name was SCHNELL. Their names are written on the back of their coats. I chuckled because schnell mean fast in German.

God Bless friends,

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  1. You are lucky to have such a hard-working husband! He must have been working all night to prevent the water from flooding your space. How is your house now? Rain water can do some horrendous damage to your property. Better check your space to determine if there are any hidden damage. Molds and mildew might be lurking behind the surface.[Darryl Iorio]


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