Friday, June 29, 2012

Five Years Ago Today...

we left Germany and immigrated to Canada.

We left our jobs, our home, our family and friends. We left behind our fears, worries and anxieties about raising our children in an extremely unstable economy. In the media, Germany is portrayed as a strong economic country. The truth is, the government steals from you and gives it to other countries in trouble. You live without much dignity or hope. Children are often considered a burden and you are shunned upon if you have more than two or if you bring them to church. Don't ask! Homeschooling is VERBOTEN! Five years ago today, we left Germany and started over from scratch in a foreign land, a place far away from where any of us had any friends or family.

This is the plane that brought us to Toronto.
This is Sascha and the kids waiting to board the plane. By golly, they look so small!
On the plane.
Our stuff was packed and stuffed in here...
the 20 foot container that took five weeks to arrive.
This is our luggage plus carseats and of course us after arriving in Toronto. We were waiting to be picked up by family. We spent our first week as new immigrants with family before moving west into the unknown.
Our first week was spent at my grandma's place. My uncle took the kids fishing for the first time.
They slept in tents in my grandma's backyard.
We roasted wieners 'Canadian Style'.
And roasted marshmallows for the first time.
It wasn't my first time. Mom and I tried to see who could stuff more in.

Our first week in Canada involved some of the best memories we had made as a family. And to think, it all began five years ago today. I am so thankful that our experience has been mostly positive. Immigrating to Canada has been the best decision that we as a couple have ever made.

Since moving here, our children have grown closer together, are more confident and have more zeal for life. The kids can be kids here. We have the freedom to homeschool and can afford to support their learning efforts. We are not dictated to as to how to raise our children. Our family has grown since moving here. Children are seen as blessings here, although we often get comments about the size of our family. This move have made us more of a family.

We have made some really good friends here. Sascha has been blessed with good jobs since moving here. We also have a much larger living space (about 325 sq. ft) with a garden of our own. But most importantly, moving here has brought us back home to church.

There are beautiful churches where we were living in Germany. The Masses that we attended were beautiful. Nothing hurt more than not going. But how could we go when every time we went the people there were so mean to us. We were told, "How dare you bring children to church. They have family Masses that you should attend." We hardly set foot in a church because of the people, because of the way we were treated. I was so weak, so broken, so in need of Jesus and I let them cast me out. All that changed in Canada. We located the nearest Catholic Church and started attending. We were greeted at the door. People introduced themselves to us. We were invited to Children's Adoration and attended daily Masses, joined a rosary making group and learned our prayers.

Five years ago today was the beginning of our new life. I am grateful and truly filled with joy. I thank God for all of the graces He has given us and look forward to many more anniversaries.

God Bless Friends and Have a Wondeful Weekend!

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  1. Wow. Thank you for this post! What an experience, and what a witness your family is! I'm just so happy for you all!!! I know I've been blessed and I'm delighted that you all are now so blessed too! Pray, pray, pray!! We ALL need it! We are at the mercy of our governments and so many of them are just not truly Christian! Thank you again for this wonderful post!


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