Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for silly boys.
Thankful for little boys who like to bake....
yummy Peanut Butter cookies with mommy.
Thankful for a sweet daughter, the only one I've got. Also thankful that her Easter dress was finished on time and fits.
Thankful that the honeyberry bushes are budding and almost ready to blossom.
Thankful for lots of sunny weather that results in little boys actually getting tuckered. Thankful that he didn't wake up when I washed him up, unbuckled him and carry carried him to his bed.
Thankful for strawberry plants that arrived before I expected. Thankful that we had already bought a few hanging planters and soil.
Thankful that daddy bought us some more soil because we had more strawberry plants than we knew what to do with. Thankful that we still had money on one of the hardware store gift cards and that we only had to pay $8.34 for the soil instead of $17.58. Also thankful that my big boy did the heavy lifting and dumping of the above mentioned soil for his pregnant mommy, so that the rest of the strawberry plants could be saved planted.
Thankful that the kiddos did all of the planting and watering so that I thankfully didn't have to do all of the bending, squatting and wondering if I would make it up again. Thankful that my toddler has a great devotion to Mary. Not so thankful that he trampled the flower planted at her feet. Thankful that I have more of those that could easily replace the trampled one.
Thankful for little boys who clean up after themselves, or at least try.
Thankful for time to sew. Thankful to finally finish these devotional wallets for three special First Communicants. Thankful for the three special friends and their family.
And thankful for any comments you might want to leave (*hint*hint*).
Thankful that you stopped by. God Bless.


  1. what a precious photo of your lil guy hugging Mary!! oh my. what a great idea to grow strawberries. you've had so much to be thankful for this week!! thanks for sharing.

  2. OH, I was going to say the same thing, loved your little one hugging mama mary!! So precious, especially when I clicked on it and it was a big picture. The kids and I got your package yesterday!! The kids already have letters written!! That little scrunchy toy is the greatest!! You put his initials on it too, it's so very special, he loves it!! When he gets too big for it, I'll have to hang it on the wall!!!You are so talented!The outfit is adorable too, it will fit this summer!!You are so thoughtful, thank you so much!!!


Thank you for taking the time to comment. May God bless you.

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