Sunday, April 15, 2012

Divine Mercy Sunday

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday, my friends!

This is a special day for our family, not just because of the fact that it is Divine Mercy Sunday, but because this day marks the 3rd anniversary of one of our children's accent into heaven. Today isn't the exact calendar date, but rather the feast of Divine Mercy is the day we lost our little one in 2009. Weeks later we became pregant again with our little Patrick. God has been very good to us and without his infinite mercy, we would not have him or any of our children.

So to mark today, we had a really really special 2nd breakfast (or brunch if you prefer). After Mass, we made a special breakfast with scrambled eggs, Spolumbo sausages, and Divine Mercy pancakes. Our Divine Mercy pancakes were our usual grain-free pancakes topped with some Chapman's Vanilla (gluten-free) ice cream and a homemade red and blue berry sauce. It doesn't look spectacular, but they tasted delicious. I don't think anyone will be bugging us for snacks this afternoon.

God Bless friends,

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