Monday, April 2, 2012

2nd Annual HVS Garden Challenge

When I saw a link up for a Garden Challenge the other day, my heart began to beat faster. I love gardening, getting dirty, watching the little seeds turn into plants and watching those plants bear flowers, vegetables and fruits. I grew up on a farm. During my youth, I also babysat for farmers. Babysitting on a farm includes gardening. At home, I had my own garden and I gardened wherever I could. Even my grandmother let me in her garden.

Now that I have children, I drag take them along. Last spring, I dug up sod in the backyard and turned it into a little garden space. My kiddos were in the garden most of the summer. It is like a playground to them. Not one pea, raspberry or currant made it into the house. Even the cherry tomatoes got eaten fresh from the garden.

Garden - August 2011

This year, we actually hubby pulled up the concrete pavers, in hopes of putting in a raised garden right beside the house. More growing space is so exciting. Our last frost date is still over 6 weeks away, but we already got a head start on the planting.

Maria and Patrick starting seeds - March 2012.

Owen starting more seeds - March 2012.

Our plans for this year are to plant as much as possible without inhibiting growth. We are learning to grow onions from seed. We are hoping that our Zone 3 garden will allow us to grow some short season watermelon and some Minnesota Midget melons. We hope to grow a lot more peas ;-) some strawberry plants in hanging planters, some Canadian sweet peas (they're red and white), tomatoes and peppers in 5 gallon buckets that are self watering and a variety of heirloom and organic veggies and herbs.

Maria is planning on planting a special Mary garden in a side bed that we started last year. She started some lavender, violas, petunias and marigolds indoors already. Her brother Owen plans on adding some sunflowers to her patch.

Everyone is excited about the gardening plans here. I made up some plans using a free trial on the . It is a great website and if I can afford it, I am going to renew my subscription after the free 30 day trial. It lets you know when to plant what according to your Zone. It also has great tips on lots of gardening topics.

We are trying to grow things this year that I have never grown before. We are going to be making lots of observations and hopefully learning a lot together as a family. Hopefully, there will be some fresh produce to enjoy along the way.

We live in suburban Calgary, Alberta Canda. It is not the easiest place to start a garden, but if we can coax a few things to grow, then so can you. Grab your kids, dig up a plot, or get some pots on freecycle and grow something. It is so much fun! Your kids will love you for it. Don't worry about success or abundance, just make it a great learning experience.

If you homeschool, join us and others at the 2nd Annual HSV Garden Challenge .

God Bless friends,


  1. WOW - thanks for participating in Canada! Don't worry - your garden progresses when you do not by our schedule, we're just always hoping moms get together with their kids and glorify God!

  2. Isn't it GREAT to get to share the joys of gardening with your kids! I LOVE it! Lol, as North Dakota gardener, I get your short season challenge! Glad our season is a little longer than yours. Will be watching to see how your season goes. :)

  3. You're doing great! I have no comprehension of a short season... Florida here! but I hope you get as much as you can accomplished! Your 2011 garden was beautiful.


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