Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Please Pray

As Catholic and a homeschooler, I urge everyone to pray. The government of Alberta is about to pass a Bill that would greatly affect us and many Catholic homeschooling families. The new Education Act or Bill 2 as it is being referred to, is trying to impose relativism on us. I am not the political type of gal, but the government is going too far. If this new Bill is passed, we would not be allowed to use the Bible or Catechism in our homeschool classroom. If we do teach for example, homosexuality is disordered and a sin, we could be fined, thrown in jail etc.

I don't want to harbour fear in anyone, but we cannot stand by and let this happen. Secular culture has taken the upperhand and Christians are becoming the minority. Our beliefs are seen as close-minded or invoke a sense of suppression in the minds of atheists, secularists and homosexuals in particular. Their agendas are being pushed on us and we need to fight back. Please be a prayer warrior and pray with me that this Bill does not pass as it is.

For more information on Bill 2, follow these links.


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  1. I can't believe the gov't would even try to do this. I think about all the saints and what they had to go through to worship God. Looks like we will have to stay strong and be like the saints of our time. Praying yes! P.S. I like you blog, just saw your name on Jamie's blog and loved your beautiful wedding pic. I am in AZ- Newly Pregnant with my 5th. God Bless you and your family!


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