Thursday, March 15, 2012

High Hopes for my Toddler

Yes, my title for this post is "High Hopes for my Toddler." This child has always loved praying. We like to believe that he was born praying. He held my scapular and St. Gerard medal tightly only moments after he was born. At an early age, he grasped the concept of praying with the family. He clasped his chubby little hands together, held his head low and closed his little eyes. He always says "Amen" with emphasis and enthusiasm. I really hope and pray that this particular child grows up to be a priest.

He loves to sing his prayers. Singing is easier than saying when you are little. Songs articulate and are slower than the spoken word. He melted my tiny heart this morning. He was singing the Hail Mary while playing with the Ostheimer priest and farmer's wife. He thinks she is Mary. He just broke into song. Unfortunately, I couldn't capture this candid moment on camera, but I wanted to share with you his singing of the Hail Mary anyway. I helped him a little to encourage him to sing it for the camera.


FYI: At the end of the video he says "tschüss" which is the German colloquial version of "good-bye".

Please pray for vocations and keep my three boys in your prayers. I pray that they never stray far from our Lord. I look back to my adolescent and young adulthood and cringe. I don't wish this for any of my children. I hope they always stay this close to Our Blessed Mother and Jesus. God Bless you and your family.


  1. Oh, that is just priceless....just adorable!!!

  2. Agreeing wholeheartedly with Jamie--what a little honey and what precious, priceless prayers.


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