Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Second Income

About a week ago, my son was determined to buy a Siberian Husky. He read book after book about them. The Siberian Husky would be the perfect pet for our family, according to Noah.

I wasn't convinced because we have had our share of family pets and as of now we don't have any pets. Either someone reacted allergically (cats), they were more than enough work (puppy, rabbit) or were plain messy or destroyed our house (puppy, rabbit, bird, cat). So, we found all of these pets a lovely home and were happier. I know lots of people who have pets and hats off to them, I just can't handle the mess and the extra stress. Our puppy needed to go to the dog park daily for an hour or two so she wouldn't destroy the house. She peed everywhere when we were doing school and she wasn't the main attraction. The rescue cat we had farted diarrhea everywhere. They said she was healthy, I beg to differ. The rabbit was a lot of work, smelled and wasn't very friendly. The birds were taken in because they were more or less thrown on us. They weren't too bad, but they pooped on the walls and feathered a lot. Maybe I am a little OCD and like things clean and tidy, but maybe we just aren't the family pet type of people. We do have fish, but that is hubby's job to care for them.

So when Noah came begging for a Siberian husky, we told him that we can't afford one (which is true! Do you know how much they cost?). He offered to make the money to pay for one. He wanted me to contact the local flyer distributors in order to rack up some cash to afford the dog. But there are also the initial vet bills for vaccines, fixing, check-ups etc. They are quite pricy in this city. He was determined.

It is not that I am trying to discourage him from making money for a dog, but I don't think he can own a dog while he is living under this roof. Our house is small, the yard is small and allergies might be an issue. They were with the cat. I am also expecting and not in the mood for the stress that another puppy would bring. Food costs for a husky would be also about $50 a month. We can't afford the upkeep. He is still determined to not give up his dream, even if he has to wait until he moves out.

Regardless of whether or not we are ever going to get a dog, we called the flyer people and received a call from the local coordinator yesterday. We agreed that we would deliver the papers (dad, Noah & Mia) on three routes. Perhaps this is a little ambitious, but the extra income would help pay into an education fund. The first load of flyers were dropped off yesterday and by golly, it wasn't what we were expecting. The local newspaper send out a free edition on Thursdays, along with all (I mean literally all) of the local flyers. The flyers needed to be stuffed into the papers to be delivered. We are going to have to drive and the kids will be doing a lot of running. (There are only 45 papers in the laundry basket alone).

We are happy that they can start saving money at a young age. Some of their earnings are hopefully going to be put in an Education Savings Plan. The Canadian government contributes to your account as well. We really can't afford to open a savings plan for the children. Living on one income with all of our food issues, limits our cash flow for extras like a education savings plan. If they can help contribute the plan, they will learn valuable life lessons and have opportunities that Sascha and I never had.

I hope you are having a great week. God Bless.

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  1. What a great lesson for him!!! He'll learn so much on so many levels!! Good job mama!We had a Siberian Husky growing up and he had the most beautiful eyes, we named him Thunder. He kept eating the neighbors chickens so my dad took him to the corn field and killed him, quite traumatic for us kids!!Jedi wants to know if Noah received his letter?


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