Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

I can't believe that today is already Thursday! The week has flown by so quickly already. Monday was Family Day here in Alberta and my hubby dearest had the day off. It also happens to have landed on a short work week, meaning that he has tomorrow off (he gets every second Friday off). I can't remember the last time that he had a three day work week. It means that we can tackle a few odd jobs around this house. Am I excited? Not really. Who likes decluttering while the kids take over the run of the house and constantly beg you for tv or food? I sure don't, but this is the sacrifice we decided would be part of our Lenten Journey this year. The basement, the furnace and utility room in particular has become a collecting ground for all sorts of unwanted, unneeded, maybe-someday needed things. We want to free ourselves of the bondages of stuff and must suffer the pains of letting go, chaos and frustration that comes with purging on a larger scale. So this weeks Thankful Thursday will be written before I purge as a reminder of all that I have.

This week I am thankful for:
  • three day work weeks
  • two long weekends in a row
  • quality time with my best friend and husband of 12, almost 13 years
  • worn out shoes and boots that have done their duties
  • baby clothes that have clothed little ones
  • throw rugs no longer needed, but served as beautiful feet warmers
  • clothes that no longer fit, are worn and have adorned us and our children
  • kitchen gadgets that are going to be useful to someone else
  • Christmas decorations
  • picture frames
  • German VHS video tapes that were watched many times and brought good times
  • homeschooling plans of days gone by
  • suitcases that brought all of our belongings to our home in Canada
  • momentos, pictures and memories
  • a house that we call home
  • a small backyard that is going to be converted to a potager garden
  • a husband that likes things tidy
  • kids who like things tidy in a place where they can find them
  • children who play while mommy and daddy de-clutter
  • music cd's that make working hard,seem like fun
  • a son who volunteers to bake bread when he sees that mom and dad might not get lunch on the table on time and wants to avoid eating a big pot of chili
  • a coffee maker that brews the coffee of sanity and the coffee pot that keeps it warm
  • kids who know how to change their little brother's bum
I sometimes complain about my life and my troubles, but in reality, I wouldn't want to exchange them with anyone elses troubles. I am a regular HGTV and DIY Network watcher and tend to get jealous of the young couples who buy houses that are 2600 sq ft for about $250,000 US. We paid around the same here for a house with 962 sq ft. We have a finished basement which makes the square footage closer to 1400 sq ft of useable space. In reality, I wouldn't want a house that big. Too much cleaning! How do you keep a house that big clean? I am truly thankful for a small house. There isn't much room for clutter. We don't make stupid purchases very often because space and storage is always an issue. Another reason that I am thankful for a small home is that the home improvement and renovation costs are kept to a minimum. How much does a new room on a huge house cost, or does it cost a furnace to heat a 2600 sq ft house? I believe that this is the house that God himself chose for us and how can I be anything less than thankful.

I am also thankful for my green thumb. I love gardening. Did I mention that the saint that chose to accompany me for a lifetime is St. Rose of Lima? She sewed and she gardened to help her family who didn't have much money. She has helped me begin a backyard oasis in a climate where gardening can be rather challenging. We live in zone 2b. I pray that she will help us build a backyard potager that will hopefull feed us throughout the summer and hopefully part of the winter. I am thankful for all of the FREE seed catalogues that I have been reading. I am also thankful that I have a husband who will help me make this dream become a reality. He is going to build raised beds, haul potting soil, mulch and gyra rocks to make the yard pretty and functional. I am also grateful for the points system on our Visa cards. We use our Visa cards like debit and carry a zero balance in order to reap the rewards. You get points for every dollar you spend and these points can be exchanged for gift cards for major department stores, home improvement stores and our favourite book store. We have racked up enough points to hopefully cover the cost of the lumber and the soil/mulch for the entire project.

Our Garden in August 2011 - right side of our property
Our Backyard in August 2011 - left side of our property
The patio area - to be removed and be made to hopefully look like this...
Well maybe not exactly like this, but similar.

I am thankful that you stopped by and read or skimmed my long thankful post.  God Bless.

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