Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stash Bash - February 23rd

I have been following the Stash Bash posts by Tricia at Crunchy Catholic Momma. She has been busy using up her stash to make some new projects. I have a bit of a stash myself. I just love new material. I am quite thrify though. I try to only buy new fabric, yarn or other crafty stuff when it is really, really marked down. There is a bin at the local fabric store that sells bolt ends of every kind of fabric imaginable at the amazing price of buy one (which is usually already 50% off the original price) and get 2 free!!! That is how I get a good amount of material stashed up. I also love these fabric for kids sewing projects. If something doesn't work out, I don't worry too much because the fabric cost up pennies as opposed to big $$$.

I have a membership to the local fabric shop, which runs me $20 per annum. A great deal because this allows me to purchase most of my fabric for at least 50% off during special member sales. Notions are always at least 20% off with the membership. I make a lot of stuff myself, so I figure it is worth it.

This past weekend, I splurged and purchased some material for a dedicated project, a table runner that I had seen on Pinterest. Most of the material was $5/metre with 50% off, meaning that I only spent $2.50/m. I guessed at how much I needed and ended up with much too much. I wanted to have a table runner for Lent on my dining table. It now holds our money jar, some Lenten reflection books, and a prayer cube and a basket of missionary Rosary making supplies. During meals, I remove the above mentioned items and use it as a hotpad. Btw, from my own stash, I had the quilt batting and interfacing and some thread.

I used various colours of purple, obviously and I embroidered one strip to say, "pray, fast, give alms." The outer fabric was a red and purple batic. I chose this because it reminded me of the blood of Christ. I plan on using some of the fabric to make another one of these for a purple loving bride friend of mine, who happens to be having a bridal shower in March. She is a devout Catholic and I think she would like one of these, don't you? I will definitely take my time and get things a little straighter (please don't look at my sewing close up, it is very off). I am glad that I made this one first, so that my gift will have less glitches, hopefully.

I whipped up another quick project for myself yesterday. I made some faceclothes that are meant only for me. We use a lot of faceclothes in this house. We have a two year old and three boys for that matter. I also use homemade wipes for the little guy's bottom and I don't want to use those on my face. Although we have quite a few washclothes, I hate to use them because they are needed. Instead of buying more, I raided my stash and whipped up a few.

The ones on the left are made from an old flannel duvet cover that I hat already cut up for diaper making and the ones on the right were made from fabric bought in the "Buy 1 get 2 Free" bin. They are turned and topstiched 9" squares-ish. They look small because they are folded.

I am excited that I have my own washclothes. I almost never wash my fash (did I just say that)! I only wash my fash in the shower. I came across a method of facial cleansing that doesn't involve soap or facewash, both of which irritate my skin and leave it dry and itchy or extremely oily. I saw the "Oil-Cleansing Method" on Pinterest and thought that this might work. You wash your face with oil, heat a wash cloth, lay it on your face for a minute and then wipe off the excess oil. I figure it is worth a try, but I needed a few faceclothes for myself that hadn't been previously on a bum. Voila, now I can wash my face. That just sounded weird! Oh well, I bashed a bit of stash and it cost me an hour or so of my time.

Don't forget to stop buy Tricia's blog to see what she has done this week!

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Love all your projects this week! The table runner is lovely and I too have face cloths I have had to make for me to differentiate them from the little cloths that wipe bums around here. I use saflower oil in the shower as a moisturizer and a few months ago I put some on my face while in their and loved it. Now I know it is called something lol. Thanks for joining me for the Stash Bash.


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