Friday, February 17, 2012

My Baby is 2!

I know it is cliche, but my does time fly when you are having fun. Where did the time go since my little munchkin was born? Can you believe it that on Shrove Tuesday, two years ago, my little Paddy was born.

He has accomplished so much these past two years. He is a little chatterbox. Much like his oldest brother, he was born a communicator. He can tell you exactly what he wants and uses real little sentences. He is curious about food and how it is prepared. He is interested more than his sibblingx ever were. He pulls a chair up to the counter as soon as meal prep begins.

He loves to learn and is persistant in being taught. He counts everything, especially stairs. Some days he counts in English and others he counts in German. The funny thing is, we hardly every speak German and I am not sure how he picked that up.

Another wonderful thing about Patrick is his love for prayers. I have sung the Hail Mary to him since he was a wee thing, especially when he was really fussy. I think I did this more for myself than for him. It helped me keep my sanity after hours and hours of crying, fussing, feeding, acid reflux etc. Now when he goes for a nap, he requests the Hail Mary as a lullaby. He also loves to sing the Our Father from the CD Good Morning, Jesus by Dana with me. I wish that I had sung these songs to my other kids at a young age.

Paddy, we love you more than ever and hope that you had a wonderful 2nd birthday!

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  1. Tina Marie! Is that you? I don't think I've ever seen are beautiful!Happy birthday to your sweet little boy!!


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