Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Saint Nicholas Came A Callin

I have been reading some blogs this morning and have seen wonderful crafts, pretty cakes and decorations. I also noticed the filled shoes and gifts. Well, Saint Nicholas came to our house, too. He didn't leave each child a book or filled their shoes to the brim. I think he was a little short on cash this year and so he left each child some chocolate coins, some peanuts (the kind that you have to shell), a clemtine, a matchbox car and a holy card. And since we usually leave a "Weihnachtsteller" for him to leave his gifts on, we don't do the boot thing. When we lived in Germany, we bought a few "Weihnachtsteller" (special Christmas plates made out of the asame material as those cookie tins you get there). Saint Nicholas left the children a not on the table inside the advent wreath. It read:
Dear children,
I have been here
Your treats are near
You will find them where
You say your prayer.

I love riddles, aparently so does Saint Nicholas. My six year old guessed right away where he would find the goods, on or near our prayer table. And sure enough, that is where they were. They were around our bible and he also left a book.
I regret not taking pictures. Instead of making a cake or cookies, we have three snowmen in our backyard. Noah called my inlaws and wished them all a "Frohes Fest". They were having a St. Nicholas Day party with friends and family. Noah even had a chance to chat a little with Oma. Later, the kids coloured pictures of Saint Nicholas. Afterwards, we had hot chocolate and listened to Christmas music. We kept things simple, as usual.

I guess the most special thing that happened was when a line appeared. Not just any line, but a faint pink line. Actually, if I am totally honest I saw about five or six faint lines over the past few days. I don't even know if I want to post this, but I have to tell someone. The kids do not know and we are holding off telling family and friends until we can't hold it in anymore. I am praying my novenas and offering up little things for this.

God Bless,
I hope your family had a wonderful Nichlas Day.


  1. OH, Congratulations!!! You and that sweet little baby will be in my prayers!!St Nick only left choc coins and candy in our shoes....we can't afford to do books and gifts every year either!

  2. What a lovely St. Nicholas Day you all celebrated! and how wonderful that you discovered your pregnancy on the the Feast of this Holy Saint!! (Congratulations!!)


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