Monday, December 19, 2011

New Year's Resolutions for 2012

I know this post is a little early. It isn't even Christmas. My husband has two weeks off over Christmas, so I probably won't be online very much. I thought that I should get a jump-start on this. I feel a need to write down my resolutions this year. To be honest, I never make resolutions. No resolutions means no disappointments. Well, that is not true. I am forever complaining that I never get anything done (which is not true) and that I am a failure at meeting goals. How can you be a failure if you never set goals, right? So to make myself accountable, I am going to make a list for all to see. Please feel free to make suggestions. This list isn't inclusive, but a foundation. I will tweek goals as necessary and not expect to meet all of the goals by the end of the year. Nothing like putting myself under more pressure, right?

So first, I am going to separate my goals into different catergories. The following categories are my main focus: Spiritual, Family, Personal, Intellectual, Financial, For the Greater Good.

Spiritual Goals
- find a spiritual director
- go to confession at least once a month
- go to Adoration once a week
- pray the Rosary daily
- learn 2 new prayers by heart
- read the Bible daily
- make a prayer intention book and begin praying intentionally for others using the book.

- pray together as a family everyday (saying grace doesn't count)
- spend time outdoors everyday (weather permitting)
- go for frequent walks
- go to the Bird Sanctuary
- feed the ducks at Bowness Park
- go to at least three city parks that we have never been to besides Bowness Park
- buy a family pass using homeschool funding for Heritage Park and go there often
- build the kids a play structure for the backyard (see bottom left of picture)
- save enough points to get gift cards for the lumber and materials needed for the play structure
- buy a new kiddie pool
- learn to make dairy free homemade ice-cream
- read to all of the kids on a daily basis (this is hard for me, the key is balance)
- have a good laugh together every day
- make more special time for each individual
- tune up everyone's bikes, buy dad one (if we can swing it) and get out on the bike paths
- go camping (this is new to us)
- plant a kid friendly garden (one they can take care of)
- find an affordable and reliable babysitter, so I can have a few dates with my husband

- get in shape
- have a baby
- take time to take care of myself and don't feel guilty
- get a haircut when I need one (I usually don't)
- get into a habit of taking my vitamins
- drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
- get outside every day (weather permitting)
- get to bed earlier (by 10:00pm)
- feel better about myself, start liking myself
- learn at least 4 new techniques in handicraft this year
- make the baby some new clothes
- make hubby a sweater (I have never made him a sweater, just hats, scarves and such)
- play piano at least once a week

- read at least two fun books a month (cover to cover), Jane Austen would be a good start
- read at least one spiritual book a month. Only one, so I have more time to ponder, be guided and to write down my thoughts. I think I might start with something from Blessed Mother Theresa.
- try to learn something new every day. I homeschool, so that shouldn't be too hard.
- read 4 difficult reads this year. I will have to think about this one.
- read 4 biographies this year. Any suggestions?

- get debt free, finally.
- start saving for the long term.
- get a good emergency fund underway.
- start saving for a future adoption.
- start saving for a family vehicle or repairs (we have an almost 14 year old van)
- contribute to the kids savings more regularly

For the Greater Good
- take part in a 40 days for life
- write to our sponsored children at least twice a year, each.
- take the kids to the seniors home (their request) and visit, play games, read
- pray for others
- give more to good causes (maybe this should be under financial, too)
- make something for charity
- be an example

The list is long and probably even the most organized person in the world couldn't accomplish everything, but it is a try. Am I missing something?


  1. Wow, you are not missing anything. Be careful with a list like this, it can work in the opposite way and make you feel like a failure, because as you know, no one could accomplish all of this. As long as you keep that into perspective, it's a great list to pray about.My counselor husband (living one day at a time) doesn't believe in "new years resolutions" because we should always be striving to do better and putting dates on things, can make us fail. I really liked your exercise post---and might have to try it after this baby. I do already have a ton of Walk Away the Pounds CD's though, but might have to get that book!!I'm glad it made you feel energized and 5 year old sent your 6 year a letter full ofUS flag stickers today!!

  2. Jamie, I know this list is exhaustive. I don't plan on doing it all at once or all this coming year. I am the opposite of your husband, if I don't write it down, it doesn't get done. Two years ago, I made a list of all of the things that we really needed to buy or get done. I was surprised how quickly goals were met when you have a list. Some of the things on the list are for my hubby to do (build a play structure). I find that if my husband and I make these lists, I don't forget the things that are important for him to get done. He never puts a priority on "his" needs or wants and just waits and waits. I feel bad if I don't know what he needs or wants to get done, but then again, I can't read minds and neither can he. This list gives a list of things to save for, too. Again, if I don't write those things down, we spend money aimlessly and complain that we never save.The exercises are great. You should take a look at the website. You can try before you buy and there is a section on mommies, too. You can see lots of before and after photos of moms post-partum using T-tapp. That motivated me to give it a shot. I don't want to waste money and jump on the wrong bandwagon. Been there and done that.God Bless,Tina


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