Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Thanksgiving U.S.A.

Today I am wishing all of my American friends a blessed Thanksgiving feast. We were originally going to celebrate with you by making another Thanksgiving dinner, but I need to save the turkey I bought for Christmas dinner. So I will raise a glass and toast y'all from afar.

In lieu of Thanksgiving, I wanted to post a Thankful Thursday post, anyway.

♥ my sewing machine. It is working overtime right now.
♥ knitting needles and lovely yarn for the free patterns
♥ etsy shops
♥ Oma's generosity
♥ deep freeze with a generous amount of meat in it
♥ power tools: drill, stud finder, food-processor, blender, dishwasher.
♥ electricity: we had two power outages last week.
♥ lots of candles
♥ my Romertopf - makes the best, most tender chicken ever! (even if it starts out frozen
♥ the Wii. I love that I can get a workout without having to go to the gym. It comes in handy when the weather is -20C outside and the boys need to burn off energy, too.
♥ library books and their "holding system." It saves so much time and $$$.
♥ last but not least, family and friends, near and far.


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, you've been through so much, yet are so very thankful--God is good!I think I found the wrong prayer, than the one I was looking for, I will return the email soon though....maybe right now!God bless you!


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