Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Keepin it Real

Keepin it Real on Tuesday is hosted by Crunchy Catholic Momma

"Take a picture of one of your rooms (the way it really looks when no one is watching). Blog about it or post a picture on your Flickr, then link to this post at the bottom linky link. Lets stop pretending our lives are picture perfect, reality is more fun anyway and we can all share in the fact that we are not super heros we are women with real lives who make awesome stuff but forget to scratch off a few things on the To Do list."

I know that I was almost a week late for the last post and now I am a day late for this post, but oh well. From my last post, everyone now know that I am not perfect. I also mentioned that I dedicate spots in my house where clutter is able to collect without me going crazy. Well here it is...
This is our quaint little living room. Do you spy my laundry?
That is actually two bags of laundry and hiding behind that are two potties. There is no room in our tiny bathroom for the potties. We have two because the little one can never decide which one he likes more.
To keep it real though, a shot of my desk. Unread newspaper draped over the sewing machine, a recipe on top of that, notes, a Chalice gift catalogue, the head of my son's soon-to-be waldorf baby, a utility bill, camera case, my son's server schedule and various other little things that don't belong on my desk.

Thanks to Crunchy Catholic Momma for Keepin it Real

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