Monday, November 7, 2011

Daybook ~ November 7, 2011

Outside My Window it is dark, really dark.

I am Listening to my dear husband get ready for work. I think he is making me us a coffee.

I am Wearing pj's.

I am so Grateful for a home library full of good books. That is all thanks to other people's favourite reading lists. I love being able to pull any book off the shelf, cuddle up with the kids and read aloud to them.

I'm Pondering what I am going to do today. I am feeling more and more pulled towards unschooling, but thinking about all of the plans that I made.

I am Thinking that I need to set some goals. Read some books and do some soul searching. I feel lost. Who am I? What do I want to do? I have read a lot of homeschooling blogs as of late and noticed that most people knew that they wanted to homeschool before they even had children. A majority knew that what educational philosophy they were going to use to teach their children. Others read books upon books in order to determine what their learning style would be. The truth is that I never planned to homeschool and although I've read a number of books, I still don't have a firm philosophy towards education. I have never gone to a homeschool conference because they're always so far away. I question if homeschooling is the right thing for my children. I have no idea what I am doing, none. I set goals that are unattainable. I look at what others are doing and copy their ideas hoping that my children will somehow benefit from someone else's great ideas. I question everything I do.

I am Creating a waldorf doll for my toddler from this book.

I am learning that I am great at decluttering. It has become somewhat of a hobby. I know that sounded really weird.

To live the liturgy we are going to make lanterns for the feast of Saint Martin of Tours on Friday.

Towards a Real Education we are diving into the world of classic literature. We are reading Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A.Milne.

Towards Rhythm and Beauty this week will be tricky. Time changes are always difficult. Nap time got shifted and then missed yesterday. Finding a new rhythm is this weeks goal.

I am Hoping and Praying that I will have a large family some day. I hope and pray that my children will live close by and that I will have oodles of grandchildren to play with. I hope and pray that my children's children will have cousins close by and aunties and uncles.

Around the House laundry. I forgot about a load of whites that I put on on Saturday. It happens. It will get rinsed with vinegar and rewashed and all will be well again.

From the Kitchen: for breakfast - banana bread; lunch - Tuscan bean salad with bread and hard-boiled eggs; dinner - pumpkin sweet potato soup

On my iPod the Flower Fairies, I just love listening to them.

One of My Favorite Things is having a really hot shower. Being a stay-at-home mom, time alone is far and few between. I admit that I linger in the shower for a little too long so that I can steal a quiet moment under hot water. That is my visit to the spa.

On the Calendar for the Week eye doctor appointments. My oldest has to patch one of his eyes and this visit will be dreaded. He is afraid that he will have to wear the thing forever. He has had to patch on again, off again since he was four. His prescription has changed three times already this year. Please pray that his eyes stabilize and that the patch can be history once and for all.

Worth a Thousand Words
My dear husband took this picture. Need I say more?

Have a blessed week.

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