Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Homemade Christmas ~ Chocolate

We are trying to have a simple, homemade Christmas this year. I must admit that it hard to do ONLY homemade. Each child will receive a little something from the Danish company that produces great educational and creative toy sets, but most of the rest will be homemade.

The one aspects of Christmas that most people love is the part that involves food and treats. While I know that this is far from the most important part of the season, it is an inevitable part of the celebration. In the past, I baked cookies and made squares and filled the fridge-top freezer for the holidays. That has changed since going gluten free. I can't make our family favourites anymore. In the past few years, our Christmas food has evolved and revolved around our dietary restrictions. I have a few recipes that I like, but most of them are candy recipes. Homemade candy and chocolates have replaced sugar cookies and sweet marie bars. Last year, I started making chocolates to give to neighbours and friends. We made some scd safe peanut brittle and some chocolates.

This year I plan on making more chocolates.
Last year, I bought candy melts at Michaels and molded them in chocolate molds from wilton. I found an online shop that sells Callebaut (Belgian) chocolate for a great price. I bought some molds on ebay because won't allow me to buy them from them. I actually wanted this mold, but I couldn't find it anywhere that ships to Canada. That isn't true, I found an online shop that ships the $4.95 mold with postage costing $21.95 and I couldn't justify that! I bought the three molds in the set for $15 CDN and change, which cost less than the molds on I plan on reusing these molds year after year, so the initial costs don't seem too high. I also bought a Christmas themed chocolate mold to add to my collection. This way, with these molds and the few that I bought last year, I can do all of the chocolates in one batch and not have to wait until the molds are set and empty again.

I am all about living simply and being thrifty, so I feel bad when I spend large amounts of money. Am I wrong to feel this way? I try to model a simple life, but want to create beautiful things for my family. This reminds me of what a priest once told me about wanting things. He said that it is not wrong to have things. He told me that we need to look at why we want to have something. He also told me to ponder whether it (the thing I want to buy) would bring me closer to Christ and whether it is something that helps you to be a better person? Can chocolate and molds bring you closer to Christ or make me a better person? I think so. If Christ himself were to come to my house at Christmas, I would want to have something to serve Him. I would love to have something for Him that I slaved over and made sacrifices to obtain and make. Chocolate making takes patience and perserverance, both admirable qualities any saint in the making should acquire during their lifetime.

Some food for thought.... how to temper chocolate.


Wishing you all a happy homemade holiday season. God Bless.

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  1. Oh, my gosh, that looks yummy!!Thank you so much for your prayers. I really appreciate them.I want to send you a prayer of healing, could you email me your address?jamiejo99 (at) gmail.comOr if you don't want me to have your address, I could type it up and email it to you.


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