Wednesday, October 19, 2011

St. Jude Novena

Today marks the beginning of the novena to Saint Jude. I didn't know this until I read this post on Jamie's blog Lord, Make Me A Saint. You can join in if you follow this link.

I never really knew anything about Saint Jude until my husband found a picture of him at the thrift store. I wasn't exactly sure who he was until we brought him home and looked in some saints books to find his picture. shame on me I had a hunch that it was Saint Jude and that made searching easy.

Anyway, I was glad to know that he was the patron of hopeless causes. Don't we all have hopeless causes? Isn't it great to have a patron dedicated to helping us with our hopeless causes? I feel like a hopeless cause most of the time, so it was likely divine intervention that made me read Jamie's blog today. (Jamie, I read your blog almost every day ♥)

I know that I carried on and got a little off topic, so scroll back to the top and follow the link and join me in praying the Saint Jude Novena.

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  1. Oh, Tina Marie, you are too kind!!! My husband joined the novena emails too, it's so fun knowing others are joining in!You changed it up around here, love the pictures!!


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